Planned Schedule That I Might Never Meet

In order to get myself ready for Kyoryuger, well I got to watch Kamen Rider W written by Riku Sanjo.  So what's unique about this rider?  Like Ultraman Ace, the main hero is actually two persons who fuse into a single hero for some weird reason.  Fantasy Leader recommends me this series as well and Mr. Smith wrote a very positive critic to it.  So far, I think despite its weird concept I'll give it a huge shot since his recommendation of Agito didn't disappoint me.  Well I might...

Endure watching Kamen Rider 555 or Faiz before I give it a review.  Maybe I just had a bad taste in my mouth because I watched it during a very depressing season on television.

That is finish it... or...

Kamen Rider Ryuki... the drama of 13 riders, some good and the others evil.  Ryuki must battle his way through the evil riders while siding with the good riders.

Fantasy series I want to watch... TV dramas for those who hate TV dramas but LOVE fantasy stories... and I'm a sucker for fantasy TV drama!

Or I might watch the Legend of Condor Heroes to understand the Condor Trilogy story.  Hee hee... Wuxia is really my favorite over Tokusatsu drama while still liking the latter.  So Ariel Lin is kinda cute, yes but I kinda like Liu Yi Fei better.  But still, this is a very good series to critics of Chinese drama.  So it's the first of the trilogy.  I just want to know how Yang Guo's father was really an evil guy who sired the hero of the next story- Return of Condor Heroes.

Or thie Miracle Healers where Liu Xue Hua acts as the very bitchy empress dowager!

Or maybe I would go for "The Chinese Ghost Story"...

Or for slice of life...

Yun Niang.  This is pretty much of those Six Dreams series but written in contemporary fashion.  Liu Xue Hua transitions from her roles as the abused daughter-in-law to becoming the typical bitchy Chinese monster-in-law we all love to hate.

Or I would like to rewatch Qing Shen Shen Yu Meng Meng.  I'd say this version appeals to me more than the version that Liu Xue Hua and Qin Han played, not that Vicki Zhao is much better but still, the appeal here for me is better.  I have really missed some episodes when it was shown on TV plus I've grown to hate dubs but heck, some people HATE subs.


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