Kamen Rider Kiva: The Closing that Cracked Me Up!

I had all the fun watching Kamen Rider Kiva no matter how messy some people say it is including myself for its comedy and drama.  Now for the messiest finale but thankfully not tragic.  So what was Inoue thinking in parodying himself in Kamen Rider Kiva all throughout?  Now my thoughts on the wedding...

Master is sick and can't go so what are THESE presents for?  I laughed watching this scene!

Megumi is getting married but to who?  We never saw her date anyone!  Oh ha, so we discover that it's gonna be too FUNNY...

So Shima walks Megumi down the isle... so I guess Megumi's dad is already dead too!  So what was Toshiki Inoue thinking with this?  Maybe if I can talk to him, he might say he's also parodying the wedding of Ryu and Kaori.

Nago and Megumi are getting married?  You can see how nervous Nago is.  Compared to Ryu and Kaori's wedding in Jetman, this scene DOES. NOT. MAKE. SENSE.  But still a good comedy. I guess Nago never thought he'd marry his rival.

Yup who would have thought of this?  Even Nago looks nervous here!  I just LOVED the scene's humor.

So while Wataru was about to play the violin...

Wataru's son 22 years from the future enters to ask for help!  Who's the mother?  I'm wild guessing it's Shizuka!  Does not this guy have any fashion sense?!

Taiga arrives pretty late but is just in time for the huge fight that will never be shown on-screen.  Now it's Kivat bite time!  So what did Taiga do to lose his position 22 years later as King of Fangires?  I guess he decided to make them suck pig energy!

So time for the most cracked up finale- the Neo Fangires are invading and this...

The goofiest conclusion of all J-Dramas!  So they Rider Kick your TV screen, hope it doesn't break while the words "Fine" for finish is written since it's the wacky conclusion to end this otherwise cracktastic series.

Well at least Inoue decided to try to be lighter and softer and for me, it did well with Kamen Rider Kiva despite the messy story it was.


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