Saddest F4 Dramas

Here's two of the saddest F4 dramas and why...

Starlit- Jerry Yan and Terri Kwan play a doomed couple where the girl is suffering from muscular degeneration, which the ending was, three days after the wedding she DIES.  Talk about a very screwed up story!  I honestly felt this was almost inspired by Chiung Yao's dramas which Chin Han was a very huge participant in the older days in its rather sad atmosphere.

Silence- Vic Zhou playing the dying hero with Park Shin Hye, though I liked Lavender better is an old woman's favorite.  It's pretty much a reverse of grandma's old videos because here it's the hero and not the heroine who dies at the end of the story.  That one year to live because of chronic liver cancer is just so painful... and he tries to make his 365 days worth his while.  Sad ending.


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