What I Really Thought of Hot Shot

Honestly speaking, I felt like Hot Shot was something that was poorly done. Why? Although we have big stars like Jerry Yan of F4 fame, Show Luo and Wu Chun, however the script and everything was poorly done especially the music was way TOO LOUD. Chinese music was supposed to be more on techno beats NOT loud noise.

For example- Jerry Yan's character as Dong Fang Xiang isn't well developed and only Show Luo's character of Yuan Da Ying was to a certain extent. I even thought that to put a scene where Yuan Da Ying sees his supposed grandmother Tie Lan die (seen this old lady too many times in my late grandma's videos, sniff sniff) was unnecessary for a funny show, since it reminded me of my grandmother's passing away. I even thought that the love triangle of the two for Tracy Zhou's character of Zhan Jie Er was poorly done- it can get overdramatic that I'd rather watch a weepy drama.

And it takes a LONG time for us to know how vindictive Dong Fang Xiang's obnoxious grandpa was and why Dong Fang Xiang is a frustrated guy. Of course, we also know later why he likes Zhan Jie Er but is afraid to admit it. However these things ruin the supposed lightheartedness of the whole show- especially when it came to Coco Jiang's character Li Ying because she was diagnosed with some cancer cells. For crying out loud YOU DON'T put dramatic elements like that in a supposedly funny show!

In fact, the ending was also kind of hanging how both teams won a tie although we know that Dong Fang Xiang got the girl. I really don't recommend this for serious watchers.

My rating?  6/10.  Really badly done, not recommended except for diehard fans of Jerry Yan, Show Luo and Wu Chun.


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