Love at First Fight

If there was any type of series that I could say I never expected Wallace Huo, George Hu and Miriam Yeung to be in is a comedy.  However I can't help but say that the three of them (with everybody else here) had done a good job with how they act. When they were meant to make us cry, they do cry and when they are meant to make us laugh, they laugh.  So what's it about?

So everything goes back to old traditions that don't work. The protagonist Wu Shi Lang (acted by Miriam Yeung) was born as the tenth of ten sisters.  Her grandmother who was eager to get a grandson threatened to kill herself (but seriously it wasn't even scary) and even wanted her son to marry a widow who had 10 sons so she can get a grandson.  So to make sure she stays alive, they lied that she was a he. Fortunately her grandmother died but her dad kept believing that she was a he until much later in her life.  Obviously her dad is quite stupid because even in men's clothing, it's obvious she was a boy.  She also began to develop a crush on the comic guy Li Ya Shou (acted by Wallace Huo) who wants to get rich quick.  So begins an entirely stupid story that's well written, you can't help but want to watch it more.

So okay it goes get interesting when Wu Shi Lang was at the marriageable age but still refuses to admit to her dad she is not his son.  Actually she later does and her father tries to make her act feminine but fails.  What I consider funny is where Lei Lao Lu's family comes in.  Meet Lei Sheng Da (acted by George Hu) who falls madly in love with Wu Shi Lang after seeing she's a girl and not a he.  Another is his older sister Lei Xiao Yu (acted by Zhang Meng) who is secretly liked by her butler Zhang Ling Lu (acted by Zhang Yi Sheng).  There's also Lin Chi (acted by Jia Nai Liang) who is in love with Ah Hao (acted by Bai Xue) who is in love with Lei Sheng Da.  Or another- Lei Lao Lu the mom of both Sheng Da and Ling Lu (acted by Bai Bing Bing) is in love with Mr. Wu thinking they had a relationship when there was none.  Complex?  Well just wait until you meet how each and every one gets into the cycle of a complicated maze learning various life lessons along the way.

Oh one has to consider Chogan Bei (the main villain who's more of a clepto maniac who steals everything he sees) and some annoying female lover to Li Ya Shou who's really causing trouble.  I have to say though this show was comedic, the actors playing as the villains were really so good that they go from funny to annoying all at once.  And Chogan Bei imo is just weird.  So he's a pedophile (he wanted to marry Lei Xiao Yu since she was little out of some stupid promise) but now she's reached maturity he believes he's got the chance.  Or one has to consider the annoying lover of Li Ya Shou (oh she's so awful) who I find to be pretty ugly.  I wish they got a hot actress to play the annoying villain then again, there are also ugly people who are that annoying.  So even if it was comedic, these two types of characters do exist.  Of course I won't spill their final fates but they didn't die or anything but there's some kind of redemptive factor that happened to them.  What's also bizarre is that Chogan Bei also was part of the life of Li Sha You's father which I'd not include in the spoilers but the two are definitely opposite.

Just to avoid some more spoilers, it's best you watch this really crazy series to find out some bizarre revelations one after the other.  Wu Shi Lang DOES end up with Li Sha You in the end.

My rating?  8.5/10.  It's a comedy well done.


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