Jerry Yan and Esther Liu: Possible Qin Han x Liu Xue Hua Type Chemistry?!

After seeing Jerry Yan's post-Meteor Garden projects and Esther Liu's more serious roles, I think it might be nice to pair Jerry Yan and Esther Liu for at least one remake of Qin Han's old drama projects.  Liu Yifei might be more of a contemporary Brigitte Lin, Esther Liu feels more like Liu Xuehua after Barbie Xu is no longer available.

So what makes Esther Liu more of a contemporary Liu Xuehua is because she's more involved with dramas over movies.  Liu Yifei feels more like Brigitte Lin, Esther Liu feels more like she could be Liu Xuehua.  Having watching "Green Forest, My Home", I think Esther Liu would do well in playing Liu Xuehua's classic roles in Barbie Xu's place.  She's impressed me at the same level of Barbie Xu IMO.  She and Jerry Yan may have that kind of chemistry.

Trying to compare Qin Han in back in his younger days to Jerry Yan made me think... there's got to be other girls who can mix well with Jerry Yan.  Esther Liu might be the Liu Xuehua that's needed for Jerry Yan.  Qin Han is 13 years older than Liu Xuehua, Jerry Yan is 11 years older than Esther Liu.


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