Translation of "Last Night"

Here's the English translation of the opening theme of Last Night of Madam Chin:

Step the endless annoying dance steps,
drink endless intoxicated mellow wines.
Who will keep his good night for me,
whisper at my ear gently?
Countless handsome guys and beautiful girls,
endless ups and downs in life.
Who will tell me his pasts?
Worryingly I stare at a lantern.

*I had ever infatuated with the affection between two lovers,
liked a colorful flying butterfly.
**I was ever heartbroken at sad farewell,
broke down and wept at the dew wet stairs.
Red light will be turned off soon, drunken men are awake,
at this moment I shall say goodbye to it.
The play comes to the end and the audiences disperse,
I turn around and glance.
Hmm...... my last night.

My reaction?  The song really portrays the sad life of a cabaret girl like Jin Zhaoli.  She had become a paramour to a rich man and later, she gets a devoted lover in Sheng Yueru.  She faces the life of a cabaret girl and an impossible romance.  At the same time, there's also the years of psychological suffering all for the sake of love.


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