Drama Review: Next Stop Happiness

Just a lot of tears, yes a lot of tears with this one and perhaps Vanness Wu's first really teary eyed drama.  I also had my like for Ady An's part as the leading lady.  The story is about Guang Xi (Vanness Wu) and Mu Cheng (Ady An) which ties into two different worlds.  So Guang Xi's a pretty cocky law student because he's from a rich family and his mom (Bernice Liu) is the head of the school.  So his mom is pretty annoying for a lot of scenes but later, we can see she's not all so mean compared to most of the mothers-in-law in typical Chinese dramas oft he past.  I had my thought also on the Guang Xi/Tuo Ye (Chris Wu) and Mu Cheng was also really a tearjerker since Tuo Ye is very in love with Mu Cheng yet for the latter, she has been too attached to the guy who she never thought she would love.  And fortunately Ady An's part here isn't like her part in Yun Niang so not too many tears happen.

It's not exactly a very typical love story since I thought that Guang Xi was really very unlikable at the beginning, oh so arrogant and I just thought that with his mastery of the law, he could exploit loopholes and he really blows out his frustrations on everyone. For Mu Cheng, she lives with her aunt/stepmother who later remarried to another man who is her foster father/uncle by marriage who's got the hots for her (dirty incest by name) which I really find disturbing.  So for everything, I also had my feeling of hatred for that geeky guy he ruined, well so I felt like that geeky guy got it.  And also, it was something that Guang Xi managed to be conquered by Mu Cheng's kindness, which results to an odd love story and of course, Guang Xi's mom Fang De Rong pretty much disliked the relationship at first until much later when she realizes her errors.  Guang Xi is later confirmed to have a brain tumor, his friend died after the operation and not wasting a minute, he gets intimate with Mu Cheng while he was later arranged to marry He Yi Qian, who is fortunately not bitchy.  I also found the court room scene where Guang Xi later exposes Mu Cheng's foster father to be a pervert quite satisfying, while it did nearly kill him with that stab wound.  Ouch... and he nearly died but fortunately he didn't.

So six years has passed and one thing, Mu Cheng was bearing the son of Guang Xi but I cannot bear Mu Cheng's white lies.  She should have told him the truth- I hate it whenever parents do that.  I know how it feels to believe in stuff that don't exist or hoping for what isn't real.  As for Guang Xi, he remembers nothing of his past and is dating He Yi Qian who is his fiance.  Things get complicated when the past and the present ties together.  Tuo Ye is still in love with Mu Cheng and that's a pain, and also I really hated how Mu Cheng had to deny her son's paternity.  So yeah, the son has the right to question.  Of course, it also gets hateful how Guang Xi becomes a dishonest lawyer during his amnesia but later, he revokes the case.  Pretty much risky but was also a good decision on his part but before that, he does get together with his former lady love Mu Cheng and feels something familiar about the boy.

The boy in fact later feels like that Guang Xi is his father, and why can't Mu Cheng just spill it out?  Looking at the Asian context, Asians are far more reserved than Americans when it comes to bad news. And what really gets more painful for me is when Guang Xi remembers his past as soon as he was supposed to die the knots with his fiance Yi Qian, which leaves Yi Qian disappointed but fortunately she wasn't bitchy.  Then of her father who was once antagonistic (acted by Tao Chuan Zheng) reveals more than just one soft side- aside from not buying Hua village after seeing what he could do, he helps his daughter out of that dilemma.  Meanwhile the problem of the love triangle is yet to be solved- and of course Guang Xi who could have cut his ties with Mu Cheng wants her.  And I just thought that knowing that the boy is his son Xiao Le (acted by child actor Xiao Xiao Bin) gets all nuts because he has the rights- he is the father!

Things get complex when Guang Xi actually forces Mu Cheng to marry him if she wanted her son.  He does the despicable- frame up Tuo Ye who was also admired by Xi Cin (acted by Amanda Chu who does resemble that cat in Boukenger!) and the marriage commences in a civil manner.  So it does become an issue to Mrs. Ren that the woman she didn't like had become her daughter-in-law.  Though she appears to become a bad mother-in-law or something, she does realize a few things.  She had started to become more tender hearted the more she interacted with her grandson!  Also, Guang Xi and Mu Cheng start to rekindle their true love for each other but not without a lot of obstacles like the former's got one of his admirers (who's been divorced FOUR TIMES, four means death- note that!) and the subplot that involved helping Tuo Ye out.

So come on, Mu Cheng is too afraid to spill bad news.  Yet she still manages to be together with Guang Xi in some way.  And of course, the mother-in-law who originally wanted to split them up wants to bring them back together- much different to Liu Xue Hua's role as the wicked mother-in-law!  And of course, there was this subplot where Tuo Ye was trying to rescue his lover (and foster sister who's not even legally adopted!) Xi Cin who had been forced into becoming a call girl.  And for Guang Xi, seeing him risk his career by proving the guilt of his former client was a brave thing to do and instead of getting fired, he got a boost in reputation.

There's been much of the plot of Tuo Ye involved.  So Tuo Ye was able to let go of Mu Cheng, and there's that huge close to a divorce part with Mu Cheng and her husband Guang XI.  Guang Xi manages to prove Tuo Ye innocent and Xi Cin is finally able to recover after ALL that beating she received.  I felt bad in thos scenes.  And I just thought that, after all the tears, everything is revealed.  Guang Xi's mom reveals the truth about his father's affair with a student (pedophilia) and that he later committed suicide to avoid facing the facts.  And Guang Xi is reconciled to his mother, who while trying to get rid of Mu Cheng at first became instrumental to their reuniting as a couple.  And I just like the scene so much when Guang Xi's mom goes to Hua village to see her daughter-in-law Mu Cheng to fix things right.  For the ending?  Well while at first I thought that Xiao Le was kidnapped, no he wasn't.  They pulled a sudden prank to lighten things up for an otherwise weepy eyed drama that I could compare to Qiong Yao's literature.  Anti-climatic humor but it did put everyone back together.

My rating?  7/10 stars.


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