The Irony I Don't K-Pop But I Like Watching Korean Shows

Right now it's just a challenge. Watch Toku or watch Korean shows? I can enjoy but sometimes it's best to focus on one thing at a time. I could talk about one thing I find to be very funny. I never had an interest with K-Pop even if I enjoyed watching some South Korean shows. What led me to have an interest with South Korean shows can be attributed to taste fatigue. I watched Meteor Garden out of curiosity and because I felt like I had watched too many Tokusatsu series at once. Then I went back to watching more Tokusatsu last 2008 because I had watched too many Taiwanese shows at once. There are also times I like the musical score but not the show. So I wanted something new and I said, "Hey it's not all that bad!"

I prefer Meteor Garden over Boys Over Flowers. Both were localized versions of Hana Yori Dango except everything was filmed from scratch. I can't forget how I had the bad habit of watching Autumn in My Heart only because I had a crush on Song Hye Kyo. Then there was Full House which I developed certain biases toward (at least, pretended to do so) all because I didn't want people to know I would watch it for very stupid reasons. I didn't like the soundtrack nor the language (and I would change the audio EVERY TIME I watched it on DVD) but I soon learned to appreciate Korean. I just tolerated the music but I just didn't bring myself to like K-Pop as much as I like J-Pop.

So why did I end up liking Korean drama to a certain extent? Good plots aren't limited to Japanese and Chinese shows. A lot of Korean shows have proper plot pacing, interesting plots, feisty heroines, better acting, better theatrics and constant innovation. While they aren't perfect but they sure beat telebasuras by a mile. I didn't want to like them at first because I just wanted to reconnect to my Hokkien and Cantonese ancestry but what's life without diversification? It's going to be boring and when Is tarted to watch more with an open mind a lot of them also have good plot. I could definitely expand my library of things better than telebasuras with Korean entertainment though I don't find it all that entertaining.

So I ended up liking Korean drama but never showed any interest towards K-Pop at all. No matter how good Korean dramas are but I just can't like K-Pop or the Korean music industry in general. I'd just take the music as part of the show but I can't fully appreciate the musical scores. I'll always find myself in that strange irony that I don't like K-Pop but I like watching Korean drama. What do you think of this weirdness?


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