The Fangires in Kamen Rider Kiva

The Fangires for me in Kiva share an interesting concept even if they belong to a series that's too light and fluffy to be expected of Toshiki Inoue.  Unlike the standard vampires that bite to suck blood, this race sucks the life force out, the victims become glass-like and they break to pieces.  And when they are killed, they also are broken to pieces.  Now my thoughts on the Fangires:

I find the concept of the Fangires' design cool while they seem to be a parody of the Grongi.  Strangely enough, why would Inoue parody the Grongi?  Was he attempting to go lighter and softer instead of his standard darker and edgier?  The Fangires in themselves as stained glass vampires, I just love their designs giving the baroque look.  I just find those fangs that come out of the air, impaling the victims then sucking their life force out to be a cool concept but at the same time, was it done in order to censor out blood considering this show is cartoony from start to end?  Perhaps as Toshiki Inoue may have wanted something less violent and more cartoony to show a different side of him.

For the key Fangires:

1986 Side:

The Fangire King has no given name apparently.  For one, he's the show's big bad but he only showed up in the 2008 side for the finale.  He's one ruthless individual though not as evil as the other evil Kamen Riders before him but I still like him with his awesome Dark Kiva powers.  So pretty much, he is in a loveless marriage with Maya with whom he sired his heir Taiga.  As King, he is one incredibly powerful creature.  He was defeated by Otoya (who foolishly used the Dark Kiva powers) while he was in his Fangire form.  While originally killed in 1986, his loyal accomplice Bishop brought him back to life but in a feral state.  Pretty rushed finale if you ask me but awesome with its fight scenes.  So he was destroyed by his son Taiga and his stepson Wataru in the finale.

2008 Side:

Nobori Taiga
Taiga/Kamen Rider Saga is another evil Kamen Rider I would say is evil at his own will while being in a way, the "Shadow Moon" of the show since he and his maternal half-brother Wataru (who was his childhood friend and he was raised by a human) were to compete to see who becomes the next King of Fangires.  In his story, he is actually more of an anti-villain than a real one, though he is portrayed a racist since he thinks every other race is just sources of life energy for the Fangires.  My favorite part had to be coming n conflict not only knowing that Wataru was his half-brother of the same mother but also history repeats itself since he and the latter now also fight for Mio who is his destined queen.  Pretty much, in the end he and Wataru reconcile their differences compared to most evil Kamen Riders- and in one piece since he still lives on.  He tries to search for other alternative ways for Fangires to live but apparently 22 years later, he got kicked out of the Fangires' kingdom evidenced that his half-nephew the New Kiva from the future showed up asking for help against the Neo Fangires in the finale.

Suzuki Mio
Mio the future queen I think I really can't stand her later.  So at first, she seems to be just a normal human girl but she is later revealed to be the future queen of Fangires in place of Maya.  She is arranged to marry Taiga but she is in love with Wataru.  So pretty much, it does create a conflict especially Wataru was too attached to her which I didn't like at all.  So she does begin to punish the Fangires guilty of loving other races as part of their racist policy.  So she does die at the hands of Bishop behind the scenes who grew tired and weary of the events in 2006.  I just think she's an annoying character but not as much.

No side:

Maya the Fangire Queen in 1982 is one scary chick who eventually falls for a human.  So she was out there, being a racist as she could be punishing Fangires who love humans by declaring "Night has come." on them.  However she ended up committing adultery and worse, it was with a human named Otoya Kurenai and it was with him that their love child, Wataru was born.  So she is the mother of Taiga via her husband the Fangire King who later ostracized her for the crime.  But her marriage was loveless so pretty much adds to why she committed adultery with Otoya.  In her ostracized life, she was living alone and wearing an eyepatch which was left unexplained.  She gave her son Wataru the Kiva powers and she also held the Dark Kiva powers which her son Taiga took from her.  In the end, she managed to help her two sons reconcile.

Bishop is one character I'd say is sly and scheming character you don't want to mess around.  So he became the recurring antagonist in 2008 while in 1986, he was the Fangire King's most faithful servant to the point when 2008 came, he really wanted his master back that he even sacrificed himself.  I find him to be one of the better villains in this show and his rivalry with Nago/Ixa II is one of interesting part where he eventually dies at the hands of his rival.

Rook/Lion Fangire is what I'd call an incredibly intimidating opponent given his size and ferocity.  So while in amnesia in 2008, he is pretty much funny but when it's over he's back to his ruthless game he plays himself and punishes himself every time he doesn't reach the target.  For example if he decides to kill those eating ice cream for the day, he does it and he's one ruthless hunter.  In 1986 he did face Yuri whose mother he killed so it might be probable in between 1986 and 2008, he killed Yuri as well before he got amnesia or something.  So his rivalry goes from Yuri to Megumi.  Megumi using the Ixa Suit defeated him eventually using the weak spot he had.

Ryo Itoya/Spider Fangire is for me one creepy villain- does this guy have anything else to do?  So in 1986 he falls for the mother Yuri then in 2008 he hits the daughter Megumi?  That crush he has on Megumi for me is one the creepiest stuff in the show, considering that he once liked the mother.  Ugh.  So he just goes along for some episodes while he wants Megumi.  It was satisfying to see Megumi kick his ass.  Like every other Fangire who's fallen for a human, night came for him but this time it was Mio who killed him in 2008.


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