Movie Review: So Close

Now it's time to do a review on So Close which was among the earlier Chinese films I saw as a College student before I did backtrack watching to old ones.  This one has loadful of hotness (Shu Qi and Vicki Zhao play as sisters) and Karen Mok who is a police officer that gets entangled in a mystery.  Jeff Lau has written such a twisting piece while Cory Yuen really knows how to direct.  Now for the plot.

So we start it where the a hacking begins.  We don't know who set it up but one thing for sure, Deric Wan who acts as the film's main antagonist is revealed to be the ambitious younger brother only known as Mr. Chow.  He kills his older brother, flirts with his sister-in-law and in order to make sure his tracks are covered, he wants the death of the assassin he hired which was Lynn acted by Shu Qi.  I'd say that Karen Mok's role as Kong Yat Hung.  I'd say for a film villain, he is very cunning and really knows how to hide his tracks until death comes for him.  Hmmm... I wasn't surprised that Deric Wan later appeared in Dolphin Bay and Twin Sisters as a bad guy because of this badass role!  I would also say the assassination role of using poison gas was plain genius from shades?  WTF?  Well but it did the job, pretty awesome and doesn't mean you have a protective shield you are invincible.

The relationship between the sisters Sue (Vicki Zhao) and Lynn is where their father had died.  They were creating the new computer system that would be the "eye in the sky" and however, they had become contract killers.  I'd say there has been a lot and I mean a lot of sexy action with Vicki Zhao while she also tackles on Karen Mok who while I don't find her attractive, her personality is what I like in a girl then again Vicki Zhao has that too.  What I find surprising is Vicki Zhao and Shu Qi are actually born in the same year, while she acts as the younger sister because the former looks so damn young!  Moving on, I just thought the use of the song "Close to You" as well as danger being so close, gives the film its title.

The subplot of Lynn falling for a Korean guy named Yen (acted by Song Seung Hun who also appeared as the lead guy in Autumn in My Heart) is where the former decides to give up on her secret life to marry causing a drift.  And what is also so sad is that, on Lynn's birthday she dies.  Oh wow, what a tragic birthday and just when Sue was excited to bring the cake home.  Who killed her?  It's none other than that scoundrel Mr. Chou who hired those thugs to kill Lynn while Sue is on her way to bring the cake.  Sad, I wonder if her boyfriend Yen even knew she died.  I guess he did but only in our minds since this is all fiction.  To make him more despicable, Mr. Chou also frames Officer Kong Yat Hung.  However in the process, Sue and Kong Yat Hung both team up to put an end to Mr. Chou.  In the case of Sue, she wants to avenge her sister when they find the true killer.

I would say that the final battle was really pretty much intense.  Mr. Chou is willing to escape justice, get all that money and power his late brother had and man is he greedy. And yes, I would say that Deric Wan's skills in martial arts makes Mr. Chou a villain far more fearsome than his later roles as Eddie in Dolphin Bay or as Peter in Twin Sisters because he's got all that hardboiled skills.  So he decides to use the same protective shield that failed to protect his brother.  Oh boy.  Well, Sue eventually fires that grappling hook which strikes Mr. Chou at the head, kills him and we get the villain dead.  But a pretty bittersweet ending since Lynn is now dead and how will Sue explain the death of her older sister?  Pretty much dangling but still a good movie.

My rating?  9/10.  Recommended for Shu Qi, Zhao Wei and Karen Mok fans.


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