100% Senorita's Love Map

100% Senorita was another series I would believe has a complex love map aside from its rather well-written story.  Despite initial disappointments (Wallace was at his struggling stage) BUT I cannot deny its love polygon is very interesting.  We have the following relationships that came forward:

Fei Yang was once engaged to Peter... but Peter betrayed her.  Peter was trying to get rid of her so he can take over, though he DID NOT mastermind the death of Fei Yang's father.  So Peter here is initially your average scheming villain.  He wanted the fortune of Felicity. Being an incorporator, he can grab control from the corporation itself.  I just thought Peter was a scheming villain yet it was interesting to see a more human side of him.

Wei Xiang gets entangled in a love triangle between twin sisters, who didn't know of each other's existence.  First he falls for Fei Yang when she still looked like Xiao Feng.  He gets into a relationship with Xiao Feng when... he discovers that Fei Yang was the girl he met at the party.  This causes problems though since Xiao Feng has feelings for Wei Xiang, Fei Yang was the first love of Wei Xiang which leads to the Wallace/Penny chemistr which is one of my favorite pairings.

So what happens next?  Peter who DID NOT mastermind the death of the father of the twins, falls for Xiao Feng and vice versa.  Meanwhile Xiao Feng had gained the attention of Je Lin, who was initially in love with Fei Yang but learned to love Xiao Feng.  So this creates another love triangle as Peter has fallen for Xiao Feng and wants to change his ways.  But Je Lin is also included.  Which I think I would prefer Je Lin and Xiao Feng... man Peter is too old for Xiao Feng.

I do find the love map really weird especially when Xiao Feng gets alienated (on purpose) by Fei Yang after Sha Sha, an ex-girlfriend of Peter launches some lie.  Sha Sha lies to Fei Yang that Peter was the mastermind of her father's death.  I HATED how that happened and this also creates a vengeance-crazed Fei Yang who plays the trope, "To deceive your enemies, you must deceive your friends first."  This of course makes Sha Sha the final villain instead of Peter in the process.  Both are arrested but Peter may get a shorter sentence.

In the end, love found its way back to Wei Xiang and Fei Yang.  Fei Yang who had some kind of illness was soon treated in Europe (which I thought would kill her, otherwise ruining the pace of an otherwise fun series) but she recovered.  The ending just leaves it hanging though whether or not Xiao Feng will really end up with Peter (too old for her) or Je Lin (who captures her sandal yet again like in the beginning).


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