You Thought The Leading Lady Would Die In The End But She Didn't!

Are there times you watch a Taiwanese or Korean TV series and you think that the leading lady was going to die? I guess it's because people got too used to tragedies but there are some cases where the dying leading lady got a happy ending instead. Was it meant to be a happy ending all along or did executive meddling change the ending?

100% Senorita had its leading lady Fei Xiang getting some kind of infection that could hit her heart. During that time, she decided that she would use whatever remaining ounce of life she had left to get revenge on Peter. The plot almost made me think that she would die from the infection. So I thought that I wouldn't want to finish it. In the finale, it's revealed that she survived the two operations and came back pretty fine.

Love Story in Harvard had its leading lady Lee So-in was going to die. She caught leukemia no thanks to some chemical plant's irresponsible dumping. So she got leukemia. I really thought she was going to DIE. Instead, she lived and ended up marrying her boyfriend Kim Hyun-woo and had children with him at the end of the series.

Green Forest My Home had Sophie getting infected with pseudonomas. There was a slim chance she was going to live. What pretty much gave me a sigh of relief was to see her actually make it and marry her boyfriend William off-screen.

This is just a few of those incidents where sad events lead to a happy ending.


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