Jerry Yan and Barbie Xu Could Have Been Used in "The Unforgettable Character"

Looking at "The Unforgettable Character", I thought the following would have been a badass cast for the remake...

Jerry Yan and Barbie Xu as the leading cast.  Jerry Yan and Barbie Xu have the charm of Qin Han and Liu Xuehua respectively.  Barbie Xu doing her piano scene in Meteor Garden, I guess they could let her do the scene again (just dub over the song) and let her sing the songs.  Jerry and Barbie could have made a great Lu Youwen and Tu Hsiaoshuang.

Qin Han and Liu Xuehua could act as both of Jerry Yan's parents.  It would be nice to have the leading couple of the original cast return to act as parents of the leading guy.  Qin Han is pretty much old enough to play Jerry Yan's father.  Liu Xuehua paired up with Qin Han again in a way different scenario would still work out.

It was really a great casting error to cast Tang Qi as Qin Han's grandmother (aging make up was used on her), she could have been better cast as Jerry Yan's grandmother, Qin Han's MOTHER and Liu Xue Hua's mother-in-law.  I don't think she would mind resuming the role in a more fit way than she first did her role in 1988.  At least she is cast correctly in contrast to her role in 1988.

Well Rosanna Ku (Gu Yin) was cast as Xueqin in Romance in the Rain (1986) and she was cast as Liu Xuehua's mother in the original and as Ailin in Ting Yuan Shen Shen.  I thought she would have sufficed to play as Hsiaoshuang's mother (again) but she would be more fit to play as Barbie Xu's mother than Liu Xuehua's mother considering she was born in 1954 and Liu Xue Hua was born in 1959 (huge casting error).  I don't think she would mind being Barbie Xu's mother instead!


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