Why I Agree with Some Fans That Kamen Rider Agito is Toshiki Inoue's Magnum Opus

Way before Toshiki Inoue sucked pretty bad and practically undid himself, there was a time he actually wrote some good series namely Chojin Sentai Jetman and Kamen Rider Agito.  Now why is Kamen Rider Agito practically his Magnum Opus?  So yeah I'm looking at Fantasy leader and Shogo and some other fans... who may have other reasons why Agito kicks ass.

Here's my reasons:

The hero's story isn't exactly told immediately but it slowly unwraps itself.  So in the tradition where Inoue goes from recycling old plots to adding new stuff, Agito just exactly that!  For one, Agito is an amnesiac who is trying to figure out his past.  He was currently known as Tsugami but later, we figure out his real name was Tetsuya.

Complex storylines that unwrap itself in such a way among the characters.  Now I wonder if Toshiki Inoue burned himself out in the process of writing Kamen Rider Agito's beautifully written storyline.  Every story keeps you wanting to see more of it.  I mean, you have a mystery built around every character and it slowly unveils itself to where everything is done in a good way.  So sad to think Toshiki Inoue wrote Agito then ends up creating Kamen Rider Faiz (his favorite work).

Another is the complex history of the Lords.  It had me guessing why are they killing specific people?  Then we end up discovering the complex history of the Overlords.  The Overlord of Light granted the power of Agito to certain people while the Overlord of Darkness does not believe that humans must carry the Seed of Agito.  The villains aren't really all your typical want to take over the world or racist scum, the motives of murder were a mystery until it was revealed what was going on.  The Overlord of Darkness wanted to stop humanity from having Agito so he recklessly kills every Agito Seed holder for no justifiable reason other than believing they aren't worthy.  Even the finale where the Overlord of Darkness tries to restart humanity, his reasons were to restart humanity because of the Agito chaos.  In short, these villains were not one dimensional.

Sad to say, Toshiki Inoue just practically undid himself. =P


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