Remaking Qiong Yao... My Wishful Love Teams!

The words Qiong Yao actually trigger the names of senior actors like Qin Han, Liu Xue Hua (who I really get excited whenever I hear she's playing a mother role) or Brigitte Lin.  Now for my ideal love teams for Qiong Yao...

I won't mind Vic Chou and Fan Bingbing being paired for a second time.

Jerry Yan and Liu Yi Fei.  Well I'd want to avoid overusing them but making a series based on Red Dust and remaking Zai Shui Yi Fang would be good.

Jerry Yan and Esther Liu- Another bigger age gap of 11 years but could still work.

If we want a closer age gap, we can have Vic Chou and Liu Yi Fei.  Liu Yi Fei is only six years younger than Vic Chou.

Vic Chou and Esther Liu.  Both could make a good chemistry as well.


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