Series Review: Green Forest My Home

So here's another TV drama I overlooked for reviewing namely Green Forest My Home.  This was another stage in Chinese beauty Esther Liu's stage as a TV drama actor.  Now here's a typical drama story but somehow cuts through Qiong Yao's stereotypes to give you a good ending.  The start of the story is where Sophie has her promise to her "prince charming" William who leaves for England.  She is stuck in a love triangle between two guys- William and the other guy Owen.  For William, she is also stuck in a love triangle for him with her adopted sister Susan whose biological family was of their driver's.

Well I do have to admit I really hated Susan at first with her scheming attitude but that mellows down since she's not all that antagonistic.  She had her lover Brian, who is William's executive.  I thought the whole story here is where Sophie is a proud teacher of the pre-school Green House and has to compete with the prestigious university she is later married into.  I thought that the love triangle between the guys actually gets more focus than the love triangle between Sophie and her adopted sister Susan who starts of scheming and evil but they later reconcile.

So it's pretty much what I'd call a tale of morality without much of the sad endings.  I had my thought during the time Sophie gets pseudonomas, a fatal bacteria I was thinking she was actually going to die.  During the time she got sick, it had me guessing what she was sick of.  I tried to guess leukemia then I guess they all got tired of the usual leukemia or whatever cancer and placed pseudonomas.  In fact, the situation looked hopeless and she was determined to live her fullest rather than die in a hospital.

In the end though, they did manage to save her for the happy ending.  For me, it felt like attempting to imitate Fei Xiang's "near death" in Twin Sisters but managed to cut down the drama.

My rating?  7/10 stars.  Just enjoyed it more for Esther Liu as eye candy.


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