Jerry Yan and Jun Matsumoto: Who Did the Better Doumyoji Tsukasa?

After seeing both the Taiwanese adaptation of Hana Yori Dango called Meteor Garden and the live remake of Hana Yori Dango in Japan, I really still think Meteor Garden's performance is more powerful.

Jerry Yan really can act the jerk with a heart of gold role of Doumyoji Tsukasa far better than that of Jun Matsumoto for me.  Well I thought that he really managed to get all of the mean side and soft side of the character better than any actor could.  So yeah, there's a lot of plus points for this guy.  Made me think he's really the "Qin Han" for today's generation.

Meanwhile, I think Jun Matsumoto is just nowhere near Jerry Yan in being that good in portraying the role of Doumyoji Tsukasa.  But at least he wasn't a bad actor so I still give him credit, he just needs more practice to be better but I don't think his talent is near Jerry Yan's.  But still, I'd like to see him improve his way like Vic Zhou did. =D


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