Wishful Thinking: Yuen Suet Surviving and Then Killing Yuet in Dragon Squad

While watching the Dragon Squad movie I thought these two could have really been utilized by Daniel Lee namely...

Yuen Suet acted by Eva Huang

Yuet acted by Maggie Q

I really thought it would have been nice if Yuet's death was caused by Yuen Suet herself.  But too bad Yuen Suet was killed by the script TOO EARLY for me.  I mean Eva Huang's one of those badass hotties I enjoy watching and it was a shame that she was killed so soon in this film which is making me give a HUGE MINUS on this film.  I would have wanted the death of Yuet to be done by Yuen Suet herself and she survives for the end while they have all the shooting attack against each other.  But sigh, such wasted potential!  To be honest, how I wish this film was written by Jeff Lau (the writer of So Close) instead!  If anybody should have killed by Yuet, it should have been any of the lower males or females in the police force we don't know about and if anybody should have killed Yet, it should have been Yuen Suet at least it's very woman vs. woman.


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