Shun Daimonji's Manly Tears in Kamen Rider Fourze

While Fourze is basically a fun series for me, quite a departure from the more serious Tokusatsu in the past (feels like it's a tribute to Megaranger with the space station, to Kamen Rider Super-1 with the space theme) with Shun.  Okay I didn't like Shun for the first few episodes because he's so much of a narcissist at first but in episodes 7-8, I see what's going on.  He's got that stupid stage dad of his and finally he sheds very manly tears.  Men should shed their tears when they are crying, it doesn't make them sissies, men can cry and in fact, I am a straight guy and I cried hard during my grandmother's death.  Overall, I'd say though there were some funny scenes but this is one of the best character developments ever done in the Heisei era of Kamen Rider.  Well I'm still watching it and I may not write much about it but I'll do whatever critiques this blog can do.  Hmmm.... I wonder how my other fellow critics think of this?! =)


  1. They probably say it's bullshit. You sir are in the minority that doesn't think fourze is the downfall of the heisei era. I personally like the series but a lot of people will readily attack online for liking fourze.

    1. I would dare say it's OKAY for men to also cry, there are manly tears. Shun shows his frustrations with his stage dad, his desire for real friends and definitely men need to cry when they need to, in order to feel more manly later.


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