The Female Audience and the Heisei Kamen Riders

While it might be intended that Kamen Rider is a male market but I think it can also appeal to females for these reasons... but these may also be true for the Showa era:

Deep complex plots.  As a guy, I would admit most men don't like to think much while women tend to like complex stories because they tend to think deeper.  I do enjoy women who are deep thinkers, even if they may not be always tough but they have the brain to decode things.  Now for the role of women in Kamen Rider of the Heisei era.

Aso Megumi
Supporting female characters that aren't just personal friends who run away when battle comes (and then again, even the male friends run away too) but rather the necessary brain of the Kamen Riders.  In the Showa era, I thought that they were just there to be friends and didn't really participate in battle (but Reiko in Black RX may have revolutionized that thought, Tackle was a female superhero in Stronger but too bad she died to early and so did her actress)  These can show women that even if they aren't as tough but they have the brains to win over brawn or the necessary brain.  Some of the women allies in the Heisei era are not just personal friends but like Megumi is the brain behind her rival Nago in Kiva, Mana despite her being a teenager helps solve the mystries in Agito, Akiko being the one to set Shoutaro's path straight and there's a loadful of them in Kuuga like Sakurako decodes the mysteries of Kuuga without which Kuuga loses or Hikari is the brainy scientist.  Without these women, I believe the Kamen Riders will all fail in battle.


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