Shokojo Seira- A Japanized Version of A Little Princess

The "A Little Princess" novel was written by Frances Hodgson Burnett an English playwright and author.  There have been various adaptations from English and American adaptations, it also inspired the East to do so with a Filipino version of the movie in the 90s based on the Princess Sarah anime.  Now here well maybe just for ten episodes, Princess Sarah again comes to life but in the most unexpected way... as a Japanese instead of a British!  So that means there's a LOT and I mean a LOT of name changes... so that means you'll have to know who is who based on characterizations.  That means she goes to a boarding school in JAPAN from India, to which I can say that this series should actually serve as to how the Princess Sarah Filipino adaptations should have been done- ported to the home country (that is make Sarah a Filipino instead of British or American so it fits!).

Shida Mirai is kinda cute...

There's your Miss Minchin renamed as Chieko Mimura played by Higuchi Kanako, headmistress who's got one HUGE personality problem.  I do have a feeling she had also appeared in Tokusatsu but I can't decipher who.

For her other versions in live as that bitchy frustrated old maid...

Eleanor Bron's portrayal of Miss Minchin.  She was REALLY scary for me!  Although I wish Pam Ferris (the one who played Miss Trunchbull in Matilda) were playing this role.  This was in 1995 and was given the MOST FITTING ENDING... to be stuck as a chimney sweeper for always mistreating that poor chimney sweeper!

Mary Naah in the 1930s with Shirley Temple as Sarah.

Jean Garcia as Miss Minchin in the 90s.

The Anime also has this one too...


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