Meteor Garden II and Qiong Yao Style

With how Meteor Garden II was, I pretty thought that the second season was an attempt to do Qiong Yao style and here's the similarities to it...

Dao Ming Si and Shan Tsai's chemistry here pretty much went like a Qiong Yao drama with a LOT of tears in between, the middle really GOT dragging and all with all the tears and drama.  I could really compare the tears of Shan Tsai to the teary eyed characters Liu Xue Hua or Zhen Xiu Zhen played in their past!  And I could really say also that Shan Tsai's heroine attitude has been reduced from somebody who fights back to somebody who becomes meek and submissive, pretty much like the characters Zhen Xiu Zhen (who plays the antagonist) plays in the past.


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