Who I Think Could Have Played Ximen's Mom in Meteor Garden II

I pretty thought of it that while I watched Meteor Garden II, I really thought of it that Ge Wei Ru should have played as Xi Men's mom, not the mistress of his Xi Men's dad for this reason and give the role of the mistress to a MUCH YOUNGER WOMAN than she is.  She looks too regal, too classy to be a low class mistress.  Not that I have something against the woman who played his mom but Ge Wei Ru could play that part better IMO.  Watching her performance in Dolphin Bay, she could have played the frustrated legal wife who was lusted after, got by an abusive husband and not to mention the "trophy wife" who you'd like to have even if she doesn't love you.

If Xiao You were in Meteor Garden II, I think she might actually have a scene with her too...


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