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The HumaGear Potential And A Serving Of Sushi

This week's episode of Kamen Rider Zero-One explores yet another touchy theme. For one, I don't like the idea of people playing God with science -- it might be the potential hazard that Kamen Rider Zero-One may be showing in its later episodes. I'm for innovation but there's always a limit to where humans should go such as how Dr. Kubota does his science in the 1990s Super Sentai series Denji Sentai Megaranger. I don't even believe in letting robots replace humans. At the same time, I think of the science behind the Megaman X series which has the Reploids as a new generation of androids that can learn and think like humans do. I'm also thinking about the craziness that's Dragon Ball Z when both Cell (a bio-cyborg) and Android 19 were seen in Hell due to their free will. So, by Toei's rather weird logic -- androids do possess souls if they can think like human beings.

This episode does get me hungry due to the sushi plot. The guest star is Kenta Uchino …

I'm A Ye Xiu X Tang Rou Crack Shipper Until Further Notice

King's Avatar doesn't apparently have the romantic subtext of Love O2O but what's the harm in having a shipping or lovey-dovey in one's headcanon, right? I still admit that even if most Super Sentai entries have no official coupling but I do love to make up couplings myself cracky as it may be. It doesn't seem that the show has a shipping but I thought of a potential crack between Ye Xiu and the rather tough female chick Tang Rou.

The basis of this shipping is just C-R-A-C-K just like if you've got fans of Super Sentai having a preferred couple even when no coupling happens. I kind of want to compare Tang Rou to Carranger's tough chick Natsumi (who I also find attractive) -- both have short hair, pretty boyish, and they are both very attractive females. Tang Rou does have that weird aura where her natural beauty stands out even if she's not too feminine. Her match against Ye Xiu has them pit against each other. Ye Xiu considers Tang Rou a worthy rival. T…

Did Toei's Long Discontinuation Of Metal Hero Have Something To Do With Reviving Kamen Rider?

It may be the end of the Heisei Rider era already but I still can't help but be nostalgic. I've seen everything from Kamen Rider Kuuga up to Kamen Rider Zi-O but not exactly in their proper order. It's no secret that I still really hate Kamen Rider Decade where I consider it to be one of the stupidest entries in an otherwise stable franchise. Kamen Rider Zi-O entered the Reiwa era midway during the second half of the Hibiki Arc. Then, something always entered my head because of yet another throwback -- remember the Space Sheriff Trilogy movies that featured the successors of the original Gavan, Sharivan, and Shaider during the 2010s which is soon to be over in a matter of months?

I always had a nagging question as to why Metal Hero has been defunct after January 4, 1999, which is the final episode of any official series. I even hear Robotack is such a bad series it killed Metal Hero. But there seems to be more than meets the eye since the spirit of Metal Hero still manage…

Investigate A Plane Crash, Get Yourself Into Unexpected Danger

I remembered the first time I saw Lee Seung Gi was in the TV series Brilliant Legacy where was a wimpy brat that matured into a changed man. Then I saw Gu Family Book (which was probably based on the Japanese Manga Inuyasha)which starred both Lee Seung Gi and Suzy Bae for the first time. Okay, it does get some flak now that K-Dramas are superior to Filipino TV dramas because the latter tends to promote love teams -- nothing is wrong with a love team if it's not done too often. I would have actually wanted Jerry Yan and Barbie Xu-Wang to have another project beyond Meteor Garden and Meteor Garden II because they had chemistry similar to Chin Han and Leanne Liu. I did like the chemistry of Seung Gi and Suzy in Gu Family Book where the crazy ending suggested that we'd get a sequel but we never did. In fact, Vagabond has totally different characters when Seung Gi and Suzy are having a second project together six years later. There's a press conference next Monday and the show…

That Conflict Of Interest Between Hiden Intelligence And AIMS

Well, this is fast, isn't it? I may decide to either use Rider-Time or Over-Time subs (depending on who comes first) as I'm no Japanese speaker! I'm going to for a bit of this week's episode. I thought about it that I may use minimal pictures in my Kamen Rider Zero-One related posts (and maybe the same for the upcoming Vagabond-related posts). Hmmm... I may need to study the way Sentai Bandicoot does his reviews and mix my own touch. Maybe, I might do the same for the Ryusoulger-related posts soon too for a change. Now, it's on for an episode review with some images taken from Nihon Hero.

I admit, that I tend to side with angry sidekick characters a lot. It's no secret that my favorite character in Lupinranger vs. Patranger is Keiichiro or that my favorite Dragon Ball Z character is Vegeta. Now, I think I'm really liking the other rider named Isamu. Isamu reminds me of myself as someone who'd be too determined to do anything personally. Isamu suffered …

I'm Checking Out "The King's Avatar" Chinese Web TV Series

I admit, that I've grown stranger with newbie Chinese actors and actresses because of my obsession with Japanese Tokusatsu and Korean drama. Then again, I'm just that casual fan of that stuff. Test my knowledge with the producers, authors, stuntmen, etc. and you will realize that I'm just a guy who had to Google stuff in order to find out who's who behind the scenes. I did give a similar series known as Love O2O a shot and it was just too focused on the romantic side. Yup, it was more on the romantic side than the whole competitive side. Sure, you had people meeting but TV dramas do get boring when they get too focused on the romantic side of things. It seems The King's Avatar will have both what I want -- action and romance.

The series itself has the Anime feel. It's a live adaptation or remake of the Donghua animation of the same name. I haven't been so familiar with Chinese animation and I'm outdated with Anime. The series may be Chinese-made but yo…

Start Your September 2019 With The First True Reiwa Rider

It's the first of September 2019 and the first episode of the first Reiwa Rider has begun! I just found the fansubbers Rider Time Fansubs working on it so I may no longer be using Over-Time for my Kamen Rider Zero-One reviews. So, before anything, I decided to get inspiration from Sentai Bandicoot Rambles (formerly Fantasy Leader) with his Gingaman posts. Maybe not but I was partly inspired by him in writing down my Secretary Kim reviews and perhaps my future Vagabond reviews (where I may lump two episodes into one post due to the twice-a-week broadcast). Now going on to my initial impressions on the series.
The hero Aruto Hiden dreams of becoming a comedian and making people smile. Wait, making people smile? Didn't we get that last 2000 wth Kamen Rider Kuuga? Is the show making a nod that Kuuga was the first successful Kamen Rider reboot for the Heisei era?

Aruto is a failed comedian and he's hesitant to accept his paternal grandfather's mantle as the president of th…

Farewell Heisei Era Riders, Hello To The First Reiwa Era Rider Next Week

Well, I haven't updated on Kamen Rider Zi-O for some time again, haven't I? I have to admit that there are some passions that catch me whether it's what I missed in old school and some new school stuff I haven't checked out yet. I'd like to give my thoughts on Kamen Rider Zi-O's finale which had me mixed through and through. I would like to share my mixed feelings. Remember that if you liked the finale then fine. If you don't like it then also fine. But let's just be civil unlike a certain group of trolls who just can't stand anybody disagreeing with them.

First, I'd like to share my thoughts on the finale arc...

Some things are predictable and some things aren't. Some things are just random like Tsukuyomi becoming a Kamen Rider -- I thought it was just as random as GoGoV introducing the Max Victory Robo Sigma Project as a last-minute pullout to defeat Grandienne's final invasion. Schwarz being the final antagonist was not at all surpris…

Do You Remember That Epic Return Of Condor Heroes (2006) Ending Theme "The Roaming World Laughs"

One of the greatest classic Wuxia series last decade was "The Return of Condor Heroes" (2006). I did have very stupid reasons to watch it and yes, Crystal Liu, is giving me also a stupid reason to check out Mulan (2020). I'd still like to teasingly ask if Crystal really bail it out by just being hotter than the first Disney's version of Mulan? Then there's that classic theme song "The Roaming World Laughs" which is "Jiang Hu Xiao" in Mandarin. 
Here are the lyrics with both Chinese and English found on Youtube:
江湖笑 恩怨了 人过招 笑藏刀 Jiang hu xiao en yuan liao ren guo zhao xiao cang dao. The martial arts world laughs, kindness and hatred ended. People exchange blows, smiles hidden by blades.
红尘笑 笑寂寥 心太高 到不了 Hong chen xiao xiao ji liao xin tai gao dao bu liao. The mortal world laughs; a lonely laugh. The heart is too high, it can't be reach.
明月照 路迢迢 人会老 心不老 Ming yue zhao lu tiao tiao ren hui lao xin bu lao. The moon shines brightly, the road is far. Peopl…

Throwback: Do You Remember The Song "Can't Lose You" By F4?

I can remember how I thought F4 was a Japanese boy band until I heard their song "Can't Lose You". It was in Mandarin and perhaps the first Chinese song that got me interested in listening to Chinese music. Back then, I didn't care too much until F4 came. It was Meteor Garden that got me into Chinese entertainment. It was their trademark song "Can't Lose You" (which was used in Meteor Garden Season II). 
Now, here's what I'd call a loose translation I found online:
Without you, who am I? 
Wherever my heart stops it doesn't seem right 

On which day? Whereabouts can we carry on the unfinished love 
At the cross roads, who is beside you? 

Even if the world denies you 
It won't make me give you up 

Even if our past has nothing to prove it 

(Vanness & Ken) 
I will stay by you 

Oh Baby baby baby, my baby baby 
I definitely can't lose you. 
Your hand your voice still taking up my heart 
How can I forget thinking …

Throwback: Do You Remember The Song "Flower's Scent" By Ambrose Xu?

Lavender is probably one of those great oldies during the 2000s that I can't get over. Sure, it's already almost 2020 but if something's that good -- the chances are it'd still be a hit even to a new generation. Here's the English translation of the lyrics of the classic hit song:
The wind blows from somewhere Rain, too, became sad together (with wind and me) No one wanted to talk to me The love had left silently. Some time
The wind is coming, scattering the blooming flowers Rain dropped tears to the sea I could understand now...barely You chose to have the dream of lavender color and to wait.
The fragrance of the flower where the memory continues to drift We promised each other that we wouldn't forget about you You are the light, which keeps dark night. Pretending to be strong is rather sad The days continues to wait for a miracle, you were braver than me
The fragrance of the flower where the memory continues to drift I shouldn't forget that we'll spend the days tog…

When A Toku Break Just Refuses To Give Me A Toku Break

I always feel the need to take a break from Tokusatsu because there's other new school stuff worth watching or other old school stuff also worth watching. I just thought about it that staying away from Japanese entertainment is no guarantee that a Toku break will happen. So how does that happen? I just feel the need to take a break from Tokusatsu like I take a break from ramen -- but some things just aren't meant to be.

I remembered how I took a break from Tokusatsu last decade and somewhat successfully did. I focused mostly on the new school Korean TV series and Taiwanese TV series. Whether they were typical love stories or the action-packed shows (which aren't meant for children) -- I find them to be more enjoyable than Tokusatsu. But time came that I started missing Tokusatsu. I would start to watch newer shows either out of curiosity, good reviews, because I just dislike Power Rangers (and felt that I need to educate the fans about Super Sentai), or the dumbest reason…

Kamen Rider Zero-One And Vagabond For An Action-Packed September 2019

I really don't like engaging in the whole division of J-Pop vs. K-Pop because it's almost like Star Wars vs. Star Trek -- you are free to pick one over the other or like both in varying degrees. A new ramble I have now may reveal my possible, tentative schedule. It's because I think my preferences may shift for the umpteenth time. I don't like new school Super Sentai that much in contrast to new school Kamen Rider. Also, I've been into K-Drama every now and then thanks to the power of the digital age -- I don't have to stay up late to watch those awfully dubbed K-Dramas on ABS-CBN and GMA-7. Now, two series are coming in early and late September 2019 namely Kamen Rider Zero-One and Vagabond.

Kamen Rider Zero-One

So, what's with new school Kamen Rider and why do I tend to prefer it over the new school Super Sentai entries even when I can still watch both? It's quite the reverse, actually. I tend to think that the Showa-era Kamen Rider series aren't a…

Kamen Rider Zi-O's Time Gone Wrong Arc

One thing I can say that Zi-O has broken my expectations of a total disaster due to the Shirakura-Shimoyama tandem. However, Kyuranger's Nobuhiro Mouri does learn a lot from his mistakes and he's actually doing it better -- way better than whenever Shimoyama pops in. Like I said, the only reason why Ninninger is "better" than the utter failure that's Ninja Steel is that the girls are hotter, no season split, and may I add that at least Takaharu is nowhere near as stupid as Victor and Monty. Other than that, I haven't had the stomach to re-watch Ninninger even when the girls are hotter. So how are things going on?

The three-parter is interesting in this way. We see the dangers of altering time and Daiki getting more used than he was in Kamen Rider Decade. Tsukasa appears yet again to be better utilized than Shoji Yonemura did. Well as I said, I may not like Decade but at least Tsukasa has the chance to redeem himself. At least, Decade's not turned into a …

Rider Kicking Into The Third Kamen Rider Era With The Number 01

The Kamen Rider era has a long history though it's not Toei's longest-running series. Who can remember the rather shaky Showa era where there were hiatuses in between certain shows? Who can remember the successful revival of Kamen Rider in the Heisei era last 2000? The Heisei era ended last May 1, 2019, and Kamen Rider Zi-O ended as the last Heisei era Rider to migrate into the Reiwa era. Now, it's time to make way for the first true Reiwa-era Kamen Rider with Kamen Rider Zero-01.

What's the significance of the numbers 01? They are read as Reiwan where you can find the word Reiwa. Is Toei punning everyone? Do you remember when the first Kamen Rider who was just called Kamen Rider was later called Kamen Rider Ichigo which means The First Kamen Rider? However, Kuuga means empty self which Kamen Rider did to empty itself from the traditional formula and it's been stuck in that framework ever since -- albeit with some changes. However, it doesn't look like the wri…

Jingle Ma's Hua Mulan Should've Had A Sequel Where Mulan And Wentai End Up Together!

I did enjoy the brutal choreography (which was close to Arnold Schwarzenegger's version of Conan the Barbarian) of Jingle Ma's Hua Mulan with one character dying after the other. Heck, I even thought the death of Jaycee Chan's character as a human version of Mushu was something satisfying to watch. Now, I thought that the ending was a cliffhanger and I hated that, "Why must Weitai marry that Rouran princess to secure a treaty? It's just not FREAKING FAIR after all they have gone through!"Some may argue that he can take Mulan as a second wife but WTF - it's just not fair for any woman to be forced into that position!

Then I remembered Disney's Mulan had a sequel. Well, there's no Mushu-type character to ruin it so that means don't expect Jaycee to return. What's my possible plot? Wentai doesn't love the Rouran princess and he still loves Mulan. Mulan makes that sacrifice for the good of the nation until she sees that she still loves We…

Kamen Rider Den-O And The Dawn Of Grand Zi-O

Kamen Rider Zi-O reaches the finality of the Heisei era -- except where he gathered the powers of Kamen Rider Drive and Kamen Rider Kuuga in the Kamen Rider Heisei Generations FOREVER movie (which I still need to watch) and the Over Quartzer summer movie which will be on July 16, 2019. So how's the arc? Well, sorry for the delayed review because I was watching Jiban and Denziman. Anyway, let's get started, shall we?
Maybe, I can be biased but I think Zi-O's Den-O tribute is better than what happened in Kamen Rider Decade -- though I have to admit that like ToQGer and Season 2 of Kamen Rider Amazons that the said episode was written by Yasuko Kobayashi. If anything, I think Nobuhiro Mouri is the saving grace of Zi-O in one way or another while Kento Shimoyama is pretty much either he hits or he misses -- though I admit the Decade arc was still interesting.
The side story is pretty much soap operatic. It's the typical "I can't let my family know that my disease…

Refresh Man: When Soap Endorsement Defines A Soap Opera

Just as I'm watching the TV drama "Refresh Man" and now I've wondered why are soap operas well, called soap operas? I'd rather call it TV drama but I remembered being told, "You're so fond of soap operas."

So why are these dramas that focused on daily life and characters called soap operas? According to "Today I Found Out" -- here's the reason that might not be too surprising:

 Today I found out why soap operas are called soap operas.

This all started out in the 1920’s; a simpler time where Jazz was swell; the Soviet Union was in its infancy; Robbert Goddard became the first rocket man, and the world only existed in black and white…

In this bustling time, radio was the Bee’s Knees.  On the radio was a series of serials aimed at women aired during the day time.  Dames thought these were the cat’s meow and ate up every second of them.  The radio networks themselves decided they needed to think up ways to make more clams off these shows and…

Getting Into Refresh Man's Love Triangle

Not every love triangle needs to be dramatic or tragic. I did mention how Dream High has a love triangle. Now, we've got your typical which guy will get the girl in the end love triangle. Ji Wenkai and Wang Yizu are now both interested in Zhong Yutang.

The situation with Wenkai humbles the once proud Yu Tang. Remember how Yutang frequently mistreated Wenkai for some time? Well, Yutang gets into the bottom and gets assigned to take care of the least productive department and modernize it. However, Wenkai is afraid to admit he still has his crush on Yutang and she's still single and available for her age. Instances of jealousy flare up, especially when Yizu shows up.

Yizu may be a corporate secretary but he's been appointed so by his father as training. Yup, Yizu hides the fact that he's actually the heir of a huge company named Xinwei Biotech. Wen Kai is an employed Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Tian Xi while Yi Zu is the heir of Xinwei Biotech. Convenience-wise, Yi Z…

I'm Now Watching Refresh Man

Somehow, backtracking what you've missed before watching new school stuff can be helpful. Like I decided to watch Dream High (and I don't know if I'll watch Dream High 2) which was last 2011 and it's 2019. Now, Refresh Man is a Taiwanese drama which showed last 2016 -- that would be three years ago on the year of Zyuohger. So, I thought about trying to watch this one.
The plot is about reversing the situation. The main character Ji Wenkai is an underachieving student, the bottom of the class guy who was constantly picked on by Zhong Yutang, the top student of the class. The situation reverses when Wenkai goes from zero to hero. It's because he gets appointed as the CEO of a big cosmetics company with Yutang as a corporate secretary. Wenkai something that makes it looks like he's having revenge by making Yutang do several tasks he was forced to back ten years ago. But was he being petty or does he deny that he always liked the girl back in high school?

Yutang w…

Dream High's Main Theme Song Gave Me An Earworm And I'm Not A K-Pop Fan

I admit that I like the Japanese version better but the Korean version gave me an earworm. I usually don't like K-Pop songs maybe except those sung by Suzy Bae or are a cover of well-known songs. So, how is that happening? I can't explain. I guess it's just like that I think Suzy is way better than Maaya Uchida (no offense Maaya fans) and I'm not really big into Korean entertainment. I usually prefer Korean food over Japanese food and Japanese entertainment over Korean entertainment.

Here's the translation of the lyrics I found and I'd say, it's got to be one of the best opening theme songs ever:

I dream high I dream a dream
When it's tough, I close my eyes and
The moment my dream comes true
continue to recall and get up
at the end of fear today too I tremble
Like a baby bird, would it fall, unable to fly
repeatedly I can do it, can my dream come true
every time I'm fearful, my belief walking step by step again

I dream high I dream a dream
When it's tough…