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Not Exactly The Kamen Rider Kiva Tribute I Had In Mind But It's Decent

It's no secret that while Kamen Rider Kiva is indeed the lowest point of Toshiki Inoue's career as a head writer but I'm still a fan of said series. Heck, Kiva is probably the biggest reason why I gave ToQGer a second chance a few years after that said show ended. Well, Inoue has returned to be the writer of this series and it's written with tragic infatuation over it. Okay, I would really not give too much of a high bar for him and Yasuko Kobayashi due to their burnout. Like ToQGer, Kiva is a series where the head writer is burned out yet there's a decent fanbase. Now, it's time to weigh this series and what I find to be either good or bad about it.

Younger boys like older girls, right? Well, that's Sougo's story when he fell for an older woman who was a teenager when he was a child. She went by the nickname, Miss Sailor. I dunno but there are times that watching Ryusoulger reminds me of a crush I had who was five years my senior. Yu Takahashi (who got…

Still Better Than Decade's Alternate Reality Hibiki

It's been some time since I last saw Kamen Rider Hibiki -- one was the crap dub done by TV-5 and I decided to rewatch it at my own pace. My readers know I definitely am no Hibiki fan and I have a mixed reaction. I always thought the second half was better with Toshiki Inoue becoming the new head writer though I do have an on/off dislike for Shinichiro Shirakura. Now, while the true Hibiki (Hitoshi Hidaka) didn't appear probably because the actor Shigeki Hosokawa didn't show up -- we do have some guest characters some Hibiki and NOT that stupid Alternate Reality Hibiki. We do have Tomizo Todayama (Kamen Rider Todoroki) and Kyosuke Kiriya (that irritating jerk in the second half). Thankfully, Kiriya matured in this arc and become more humble.

So the show doesn't have the original hero but we have a mature Kiriya. It's also interesting that half of this arc takes place during the Heisei era (which ended on May 1, 2019) and the second half starts in the Reiwa era. The…

Kamen Rider Zi-O Migrates Into The Reiwa Era Halfway

Real life writes plot, doesn't it? Today is May 1, 2019 and it's the dawn of the Reiwa Era in Japan. So we've had the long history of the Heisei era Riders and I'm happy to announce I've seen everything from Kamen Rider Kuuga up to Kamen Rider Build at my own pace for most of them. Then we have Zi-O which was celebrating the 20th season of the Heisei era Riders -- but now it must migrate to the Reiwa era. May 5, 2019 will begin the official migration and the title having the word Reiwa on it. So I just want to consider that it'll be the "second half" of show -- though it's not yet determined when Zi-O will air its final episode.

I was really feeling so terrible with the Shirakura-Shimoyama tandem -- I just felt that Zi-O may become the Megafail of Kamen Rider. Fortunately, it's FAR from it. Kento Shimoyama though is pretty much hit or miss -- he wrote some Go-Busters episodes but Ninninger is really one of the low-tier seasons for me. Heck, N…

Kamen Rider Zi-O, Agito And The Fight Against Fate

So I'm bit back on track after catching up with Kamen Rider Zi-O. I actually wanted to resume my Kamen Rider break because I want to check out other new school stuff but this one is again another nostalgia. Yes, it's Kamen Rider Agito -- perhaps one of those puzzling, mysterious Kamen Riders that inserts several plots and layers of revelations that would get me to sit down wanting more. Then I think about how I wish it were still a direct sequel to Kamen Rider Kuuga -- the whole reason why Toei decided not to do is just stupid IMHO. Come on, did Destron's appearance make the work of the first Kamen Rider for naught? I thought it'd be nice if Yuusuke saw danger coming again but seeing Agito makes him smile once more -- confident that someone else will do his job even when he's no longer around. Now back on topic on the Kamen Rider Agito arc of Kamen Rider Zi-O!

Is it me or do I tend to have an extreme favoritism towards the episodes written by Nobohiro Mouri? Grant…

My Recent Thoughts On A Random Kamen Rider Survey From Eigaland

Preparing for the entrance of Kamen Rider Zi-O into the Reiwa era is no small task. Now it's time to consider the Heisei era Riders (not counting the 90s movies or Black RX which started in the Showa era but ended in the Heisei era). UkiyaSeed also shows the latest results from Eigaland which has the following ten Kamen Rider seasons of the Heisei era -- according to a survey of 8,048 participants ranging from ages 10 to 60 (I guess parents and grandparents of Kamen Rider children fans decided to participate). That's pretty random if you ask me considering that age does affect preference!

Top ten are as follows:
Kamen Rider Den-OKamen Rider KuugaKamen Rider AgitoKamen Rider RyukiKamen Rider KabutoKamen Rider 555Kamen Rider FourzeKamen Rider WKamen Rider DriveKamen Rider Ex-Aid
Den-O is number one? I really feel that's just either surprising or was it that popular? Granted, Takeru Sato has had a huge career not only as a Kamen Rider but also as Rurouni Kenshin. Heck, a four…

My Recent Thoughts On Kamen Rider Zi-O This April 12, 2019

"If you're bored with something you like then why not do something else?" is what I was trying to do with Kamen Rider Zi-O. So I took a bit of a break to focus on Ryusoulger and Ashes of Love. But I started saying, "Well what have I missed?" with Kamen Rider Zi-O. So I decided to do some marathon after weeks of slowing down (and I may slow down again depending on the circumstances BECAUSE well there's new school stuff out there) but it's not safe to say I'm not taking a bit of a break in between AGAIN. I mean, I just feel a break from Kamen Rider Zi-O every now and then has helped ease my mind.
I thought that a four-partner that featured Hiryu Kakogawa as Another Zi-O was a nice spin. This has me criticize something I truly like. I felt that the Time Jacker trio is actually a little more competent than the Gorgom Priest Trio in trying to find another king. They wouldn't be too focused on half-brained plans for world domination like Shocker woul…

Wake Up The Viewer! Kamen Rider Black RX VS. Kamen Rider Decade Random Rant!

Kamen Rider Black RX and Kamen Rider Decade -- two shows that I really find to be quite hated or loved with almost no middle ground. It's like I do experience people who love Decade and beat me up for my rather negative opinion about it -- I guess you do realize I love calling it as the "sequel" of Saban's Mashed Rider (which is an Old Shame) and defending it to saying, "But Decade has lot of good special effects! Better budget! Shinkenger's crossover with Decade is miles better than MMPR's crossover with Mashed Rider!" and I agree. But I thought of Decade's sudden cancellation at 31 episodes is probably due to bad audience reception. If there's the RX Meltdown then there's also the Decade Meltdown too.

So what's with the RX Meltdown? I admit I'm inspired to write this post because of Shogo B'Stard's latest post is Black RX related -- I know he really doesn't like the series and we've had differences such as I'…

Rider Kicking With Heisei Era Riders

The Heisei era is truly coming to an end and Kamen Rider Zi-O (like Kamen Rider Black RX) will soon be the first Heisei Rider that will have to fit into the Reiwa era -- all before a pure born Reiwa Kamen Rider will be born. The Heisei era of Kamen Rider started in 2000 and will end in 2019. So 2019 may be the birth of the first true Reiwa era Kamen Rider, right?

So how is the whole Heisei era? I admit I did take a break from Kamen Rider then I did a marathon from one series after the other. I only saw bits and pieces of some Kamen Rider series aired on GMA-7, TV-5 and ABS-CBN which I could remember such as Kamen Rider Ryuki, Kamen Rider Blade, Kamen Rider Hibiki, Kamen Rider Kabuto and Kamen Rider W -- I didn't care too much about new school Kamen Rider or Super Sentai back then because I was more interested in old school shows (which I tend to be while embracing other new shows) than new school shows when it came to Toku. I was more fixated at first with seeing Super Sentai sho…

Runyu's Tragic Story With His Mother Suli

So what's the life of an immortal or even an Elder God gotta be, right? So I did resume watching Ashes of Love after some time (and I'm barely half of it) but I've got into the part where Runyu discovers his screwed up heritage. Suli is a bitchy woman but we finally realize one thing -- it's because of the Heavenly Empress Tuyao' cruelty where the Dragon Fish clan was exterminated. So it's no surprise that Runyu was born with horns due to his mother's side.

The story of infidelity is there again as Heavenly Emperor Taiwei frequently cheats on his wife. He managed to defile Zifen and would later take out his frustration on Suli. I don't blame Suli to why she's that crazy and wants to exterminate the protagonist Xufeng. Okay, that doesn't justify what she does but I somehow sympathize with what happened to her. Who wouldn't go crazy seeing your whole clan die like that because of some mad woman's scheme? Tuyao is really that spiteful isn&#…

Vagabond Tentatively Delayed To September 2019?

Okay is this bad news or not? I just read that Vagabond's broadcast will be delayed to September 2019 for rather valid reasons which reveals as follows according to Soompi:

The premiere date for Lee Seung Gi and Suzy’s upcoming spy drama “Vagabond” has been pushed back. A source stated to Sports Chosun that the delay is due to issues with the filming schedule and a pending deal with Netflix.

“Vagabond” had been scheduled to air in May after the conclusion of SBS’s “Big Issue,” but has been replaced with “Absolute Boyfriend,” a drama adaptation of the popular Japanese manga series of the same name. “Absolute Boyfriend” stars Yeo Jin Goo, Girl’s Day’s Minah, and Hong Jong Hyun, and has already completed filming.

The premiere date for “Vagabond” is now tentatively set for September. Filming is still ongoing for the drama, which held its first table reading in June last year and had a plan to go on-air first at the end of 2018, and then in May 2019.

“Vagabond” is a 25 billion won (approx…

I'm Now Slowing Down Or Even Taking A Break From Kamen Rider Zi-O

I just thought about it that maybe I need a slowdown or even a short break from Kamen Rider. Sure, I may resume watching it but I just feel like a short break is probably all I need right now. I might be focusing on trying to finish Ashes of Love or focus more on the upcoming K-Drama series Vagabond. I can still watch this at my own pace later but I will only update when I feel like it or wrap my thoughts up. I've been having problems with the Shimoyama-Shirakura tandem -- episodes by Nobohiro Mouri are good while Kento Shimoyama is hit or miss. Shinichiro Shirakura doesn't look like he's pleased with some changes Toei made -- the guy has been known to like brutal stuff as evidenced by the bloodshed in Agito, Faiz, Ryuki and Amazons!
Right now, I just feel like my head is overloaded. Sure, I've had some enjoyment but also some "ONORE SHIMOYAMA!" moments here too. I guess you know how Shimoyama wrecked Ninninger! Just because Ninja Steel is oh so terrible doe…

The Love Triangle That Crosses Across Realms

Okay, sorry if I'm already slowing down on my Kamen Rider Zi-O updates because I'm currently having other interests around. It's quite the reversal of what happened last 2013-2016 when Kamen Rider just got more interesting than what Super Sentai offered for me. Now I'm watching Zi-O but feel like I want to slow down on the updates. Right now, I'm watching Ashes of Love where I'm in the human world arc (which will be VERY LONG) but I'd like to think about the love triangle that crosses across the realms.

I wonder if I should feel sorry for Run Yu or not. He decides to speak with Xu Feng's father in the Flower Realm on what he intends to do. He breaks the rules of the 33 Heavens and the Elder Gods for love. Seriously? He sees Jin Mi in the mortal realm and feels jealous over his younger half-brother getting close with the woman he so desires. It's really something when you think of it that Run Yu has broken the laws of Heaven just for Jin Mi.

Xu Feng …

I've Just Started Into The Human World Saga In Ashes Of Love

The lives of immortals in several realms can be so complicated, can it? Well both Xu Feng and Jin Mei have been reincarnated as humans and without their thousand years experience worth of memories. This starts with getting the human world more relevant when the first 15 episodes were devoted to the immortal realms. Now this has arrived to the point that you'd be willing to pass through the painful cycle of reincarnation for love. Hmmm doesn't that remind you of Tamahome willing to lose all his memories and be reborn as a Japanese guy named Taka -- all for the sake of Miaka?

Jin Mi has become a doctor and Xu Feng has become a general. Now it's time to face with the villains of the human world -- all the while bitchy Celestial Empress is beating out Hera in being spiteful and wants to get rid of Jin Mi. So really Celestial Empress get a life! Xu Feng is arranged to marry some other woman named Sui He but he only has his eyes on Jin Mi. So far, the love triangle between pater…

Kamen Rider Zi-O's Tribute To Kikaider?

I just want to address this fact -- is it me or is Kamen Rider Zi-O not going at the right direction with adding extra Kamen Riders that will just be forever guest stars?! We've had Kamen Rider Shinobi, Kamen Rider Quiz and now we've got Kamen Rider Kikai. I haven't really seen much old school Tokusatsu except those that particularly interest me (like most old school Super Sentai) but Kamen Rider or the late Shotaro Ishinomori's old school stuff don't interest me too much. Maybe if I were still a child -- I'd probably still watch them but not now. Now, it's time to give tribute to an android Kamen Rider known as Kamen Rider Kikai.

Let's think about the hsitory of Kikaider in both old school a new school. Ishinomori himself also came up with other heroes such as Kikaider -- his first android superhero which probably had a lot of inspiration from some older Western media or what. Isaac Asimov? Well, this half blue and half red symmetrical division would …

I've Just Started Getting Into Ashes Of Love's Love Triangle Between Brothers

Love triangles are cliche but not necessarily boring. So what's the big deal with the love triangle in Ashes of Love? I'd like to call it Secretary Kim's love triangle taken to a whole new level since Deng Lun is practically Park Seo Jun with superpowers here! But this is royalty, it's the court of the immortals (and may the Elder Gods step in if this trouble) and the Six Realms could destroy each other over two paternal half-brothers.

The Heavenly Emperor (no not the Jade Emperor since he rules all 36 Heavens) thought Jin Mi is his daughter by the Flower Goddess. But it turns out that Jin Mi is Yang Zi's daughter by the Water Immortal. Phew! But it does create a new tension since Xu Feng was relieved to hear Jin Mi isn't his paternal half-sister but sad to know his older paternal half-brother Run Yu has been decreed 1,000 years ago (but two years for them) to Jin Mi. How is that dilemma going to be solved? Also, Xu Feng is engaged to Sui He but he's still …

I'm Also Having Negative Feelings Towards The Shirakura-Shimoyama Tandem

Is it me or do I see this one coming? Shinichiro Shirakura and Kento Shimoyama are pretty much hit or miss. I'd like to address my desire to first feel positive about Kamen Rider Zi-O (because I usually prefer new school Kamen Rider over new school Super Sentai) but it seems I'm getting the Decade Meltdown effect all over again!

So what's up with Shirakura? I admit that he was responsible for some good ideas such as when he was the co-producer of Jetman, Zyuranger, Dairanger and well if I'm not wrong Kyuranger. He was also responsible for Kamen Rider Agito, Kamen Rider Ryuki, Kamen Rider Faiz, became the new producer for the second half of Kamen Rider Hibiki, Kamen Rider Kabuto, Kamen Rider Decade and the current one Kamen Rider Zi-0. I admit, I do like a good portion of these entries and I blame the higher executives of Toei for why Ryuki had that really stupid reset button hit! Then I thought about how I think Faiz gets too much unfair hate. Agito well it's stil…

Kamen Rider Ryuki Rebooted?

I could have been a fan of Kamen Rider Ryuki if it wasn't for that rather IDIOTIC reset button ending done by executives. It's really clear that Yasuko Kobayashi planned on killing everyone yet that was stopped with a reset button. So really, what happened? It's also probable that Megumi was brought in by Toshiki Inoue only because executives forced him to write. No, I don't think that there was a Rider War as some fans suggest. Now, it's time to think about how Kamen Rider Ryuki may have been rebooted unless one wants to treat it as an alternate universe like Kaizoku Sentai Gokaiger.

I remembered watching Kamen Rider Ryuki's alternate ending written by Inoue -- something that may have been requested by Toei after so many fans hit them due to how WTF the ending was. At least Spielban and Kamen Rider Build kept character development for the main characters! Ryuki made it look like it never happened all because of executives. Parental complaints? Maybe. Then I th…

I'm Now Watching Ashes Of Love

It's time to face it that I haven't been too updated with Chinese entertainment these days. Right now, I thought I might give some of last year's Chinese drama (2018) for something else after I got too obsessed with Korean drama and Japanese Tokusatsu. Now it's time to get back to my "roots" to watch something new school for Chinese drama -- something that may come in between my way of watching the Super Sentai Strongest Battle mini-series (I may make a huge summary instead of a weekly review of the four-part mini series) and Ryuusoulger aside from my plan to watch Vagabond starring Lee Seung Gi and Suzy Bae.
The plot of Ashes of Love is based on a novel called Heavy Sweetness, Ash-like Frost. The plot goes when the legitimate son of the Heaven Realm Emperor named Xu Feng (but NOT the Jade Emperor who rules all 36 Heavens in Chinese mythology) and the Heaven Realm Empress (whose mannerisms would remind me of Meg Foster's portrayal of Hera) gets entangled…

Would You Play With Kamen Rider Quiz And Another Quiz?

Is it me or do episodes in Kamen Rider Zi-O written by Kento Shimoyama tend to be hit or miss? I admit, I prefer the episodes written by Nobuhiro Mouri than Shimoyama as of late. Then I thought about the W reference (and even using the W power here). But in this case -- I thought the father/son misunderstanding does add some drama though I wouldn't call it as good as the way Hirohisa Soda, Toshiki Inoue, Junki Takegami and Yasuko Kobayashi would pull it off.

Now what's the situation? You've got the father/son situation in the Year 2040 A.D. as a result of a diverging timeline. Aura shows she may be a pretty face but beware of how people look like -- she turns both father and son against each other even more. There was already a conflict before that which has Mondo Douan (Quiz) and Tamotsu Douan (Another Quiz) because of family issues.

The conflict is pretty much typical in TV drama. Tamotsu was so obsessed with work that it seemed like he abandoned his wife and child. Tamo…

My Rollercoaster Ride In The World Of Chinese Entertainment

I could remember the time when technology was still limited, there wasn't Netflix and I didn't have much technology with me yet -- I could remember I got stuck into the world of Chinese entertainment one way or another. As I love to say it -- it all started with Meteor Garden but it didn't end with Meteor Garden. Right now, I just find the current Meteor Garden to be meh at best with its really bland acting. But back then, I was simply crazy about Chinese entertainment even after I developed a taste fatigue for Chinese food.

I could remember thinking F4 was once a Japanese boyband until I remembered the song "Can't Lose You" by F4. It's the first time I heard of a Chinese song! I remembered how I got hooked into that song, got the lyrics but it wasn't the end. I really couldn't think of it. Then I started listening to the late Teresa Teng's songs because Jerry Yan sang "The Moon Represents My Heart" though my favorite version was th…

A Diverging Timeline For Zi-O?

Time travel is either an interesting innovation in writing or it can get pretty confusing. As much as I did enjoy time travel plots but not all of them are interesting to read or watch. In this case, I'm already having second thoughts about how time travel is dealt here by writer Kento Shimoyama (and yup, he's done a reference from four years ago here).
Here's the reference. It's 2019 in one side yet it's 2022 in another side. Souta dreams of a ninja-based Kamen Rider (something I want to happen as a new series post-Heisei era) named Rentaro Kagura. Okay, I may not be a fan of Ninninger, I still find it wonky (but nowhere near as terrible as the dreaded Ninja Steel) - it's nice to have Hideya Tawada who was Starninger play this part as a Ninninger reference! This also results to a new method by the Time Jackers to literally jack off time as they go into 2022 and prematurely triggers something.

So we have Rentaro (2019) and Rentaro (2022). Rentaro (2019) just w…

My History With Heisei Era Kamen Rider

I just thought I wanted to write yet another farewell letter to the Heisei era. It's time to talk about my relationship with Heisei era Kamen Rider. I admit, I do have some pre-conceived biases that makes me want to say, "Screw it! I'm not watching it!" -- ironic how I only knew about Kamen Rider from sites like Henshin Hall of Fame (which is pretty much a retro site) and back then, I just read summaries and wikis without watching said shows. Then I thought about how often my preference for just anything between old school and new school will always depend on how the show clicks with me -- not whether said show is old school or not!

So I thought about how I was actually on somewhat of a Toku break while I did watch but not regularly (a few) of the crap-dubbing of certain series like Kamen Rider Blade on Cartoon Network Philippines, Kamen Rider Hibiki on TV-5, Kamen Rider Ryuki on ABS-CBN and GMA-7 did air Kamen Rider Kabuto and Kamen Rider Faiz. I also watched both …

The Historical K-Drama Mini-Series Hymn Of Death

Hymn of Death is a three-part mini series which I watched on Netflix. At first, I thought it was just your normal scene but it's actually based on a real account such as the Korean series known as Hwang Jini. A historical drama would be based on an actual event yet you've got some scenes that are merely extras or imagined by the director -- such as family conversations since history books don't record everything they've said word for word. 
The story is based on a married man named Kim Wu Jin who ended up having an affair with an opera singer named Yun Sim-Deok. How the affair happened or why it happened seems not to be clear. But it's imagined in said series he's stuck in a loveless marriage that his father arranged for him -- so he must be unwillingly married to a woman he doesn't love. So what shocks me is that the first Korean woman soprano wasn't all that good looking based on the picture from Lee Dong Suk's (the guy who acted as Wu Jin) Twitt…

Vagabond's First Teaser Is Freaking Badass

It's a sad fact that Vagabond will still show on May 2019 which would some time after the end of the Heisei era in Japan. The trailer looks BRILLIANT. Both Lee Seung Gi and Suzy Bae are badass as both tend to do their own stunts with wires -- though they do still have stunt doubles for harder to do parts.

The short teaser shows what you can expect. You see Seung Gi doing some stunts (and perhaps some parts are done by a stunt double) and Suzy firing those guns. So that means fanboys just have to beware of Suzy as pretty as a rose and deadlier than her thorns -- she's shown her archery skills so I wouldn't be surprised if she's had shooting lessons! Seung Gi shows what could be the result of his mandatory military service. It was nice to see them fight side-by-side in Kang Chi -- now it's time to see the fight together in modern times.

What are your thoughts on his badass trailer?