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My Shallow Reason Why I Got Interested To Check Out Older Qiong Yao Drama

It's a sad fact that older Qiong Yao dramas do not have subtitles compared to the modern ones. But I'll admit that even if I was more used to seeing Liu Xuehua playing as the mother of the leading guy or leading guy, I'm still interested to see her older roles as a leading lady. My first impression to see them was watching them on Taiwan TV. Even if my knowledge of Mandarin or other languages is very limited (considering I'm more of an English speaker), I dug whatever limited knowledge I had while I could actually understand a bit, a bit and it became the time I forced myself to study Mandarin.

After my Meteor Garden hype (and thankfully, no Meteor Garden III because the second part was already one that made me tear my heart off), I still wanted a Jerry Yan and Barbie Xu type of pairing. When I started watching Vicki Zhao's version of "Romance in the Rain", that's where I would have heard that Liu Xuehua used to play the leading lady parts while Qin …

Can't Wait For The Wedding Of Shinnosuke Tomari And Kiriko Shijima!

During the time of Kamen Rider Drive's broadcast, I always thought that somehow both characters would get married. While I'm watching Kamen Rider Ghost, I'm seeing clips of both of them getting married and I am pretty much excited for that wedding to be shown.

So how will the Kamen Rider Drive and Kamen Rider Ghost crossover fare? I'll just have to wait and find out. 

A Look At Professor Tenjuro Banno's Science Without Conscience

While watching Kamen Rider Drive, I remembered the first hint that the Roidmudes were created by Dr. Banno who is none other than the father of Kiriko and Gou (with his unwed relationship with Sumiko Shijima explaining why they carried their mother's surname). I always felt that Drive also explored the science theme similar to Hirohisa Soda's science trilogy. The whole opposition of ideas in Drive occurred in the form of both Professor Krim Steinbelt and his former friend Professor Banno.

Professor Banno was involved in the creation of the Roidmudes. At first, they just felt like rebellious creations but as he resurfaced, he had willfully cast off his humanity. It felt like Doctor Man's rivalry with his former friend Dr. Shinichiro Gou. Banno wanted personal glory while Krim wanted to help mankind. Krim became the Rider Belt responsible for Drive while later, Banno who had become digitized would later become the final villain of the series. While he appeared to be willing…

Is Cake Boss Based On Haim Saban?

While watching Kamen Rider OOO, I could not help but actually be amazed at what I failed to see. 
Kosei Kougami who appears in Kamen Rider OOO. He was pictured as somebody who loved to collect Core Medals for himself. I always thought that he had an eccentric, business-oriented nature. Just then I realized this funny coincidence...

The actor Takashi Ukaji looks like Haim Saban. I just thought that perhaps during the time Kamen Rider OOO aired, Kougami Foundation was probably Toei's tribute to Saban Brands. So my next wishful gimmick would be funny is sending Ukaji to the next Power Morphicon.
What is also coincidental (if any) is that Kougami Foundation is a multi-purpose company and in real life, Saban also has various businesses in real life. Maybe it's just a coincidence but who knows?

Kamen Rider Villain Comparison: Masato Mishima And Dr. Maki As Human Villains Who Threw Off Their Humanity!

While watching Kamen Rider OOO and Kamen Rider Kabuto, I felt like both villains namely Masato Mishima and Dr. Maki. Though the tones of both series were different but I can't deny how two villains were pretty similar in some way. Now let's take a look at them aside from the fact that they wear glasses.

Masato Mishima

Masato is at first presented as what might be a protagonist, he was part of ZECT and was actively involved in combating the worms. At one point, he was a Kamen Rider using TheBee but he was having his own schemes. He was always shown to be selfish, manipulative and has had been planning to take over ZECT behind the scenes. I always thought that the actor Tomihisa Yuge game this guy the feeling of being the cold antagonist, where he has been a puppet master of sorts in the master between humans AND the Worms.

What's his deal? During the events of Kabuto, he was only thinking about himself while feigning loyalty to Riku Kagami. As time passed by, he's shown …

Kamen Rider Kabuto: Is It Shoji Yonemura's And Shinichiro Shirakura's One Shot Wonder?

I have just finished watching Kamen Rider Kabuto from start to end (the first, I just watched it on a broadcast which sucked), so I thought is this show the one shot wonder of Shoji Yonemura (as the head writer) and Shinichiro Shirakura (as the head producer) of this show. I felt like this show was pretty weird but it was entertaining enough to keep me occupied.

The show's plot involves the alien lifeform known as the Worms have landed on Earth, they mimic people and they were brought by a meteor that crashed some time ago. An organization known as ZECT is formed to combat worms while we have the hero, Souji Tendo who believes he walks the path of Heaven. Souji becomes Kamen Rider Kabuto after seven years of training to fight the Worms while there are some twists and turns along the way.

So what's with Yonemura and Shirakura? They are names that tend to make me cringe due to the Super Hero Taisen films. While I can admit that I am still learning the art of story-writing but t…

My First Impression On Kamen Rider Ghost!

Well here's my first impression of Kamen Rider Ghost.  Now for a note, the images for Kamen Rider Ghost are taken from Henshin Grid.

Kamen Rider Ghost as the title gives it away, well, shows that Takeru Tenkuji has been dead and he has 99 days left to get the other 14 Eye Cons to come back to life. So he really died and he's given temporary life. It gives me the impression of...
Image taken from JEFusion...
The classic Anime called Yuu Yuu Hakusho. Boy, what a coincidence considering that as a child, I used to watch Yu Yu Hakusho (dubbed as Ghost Fighter) in IBC-13 while Maskman aired. Yup back then, I only knew Red Mask as Michael Joe, at the age of 15, I'd know him by his real name... TAKERU! If you remember the first episode, Yuusuke dies and he must pass through a series of trials to be brought to life and...

I'm Excited For Kamen Rider Ghost!!!!!

Well Shinnosuke, good job, now it's time to make way for Kamen Rider Ghost!

So it's the end of Kamen Rider Drive with a special episode, I know some people may have gone "HUH?!" with Kamen Rider Drive, perhaps it didn't meet their expectations but I'll proudly say that I love the series and I think it's a must watch. The Kamen Rider Drive crossover with Ninninger was pretty good in itself.

Now it's time to tackle on the upcoming Kamen Rider just in time for the Halloween Month:

Not what I had in mind but I hope it will be better than Kamen Rider Kiva...

The next Kamen Rider will be known as Kamen Rider Ghost. I'll admit that I enjoyed Kamen Rider Kiva and as of late, I am more excited for the next Kamen Rider than the next Super Sentai season. Now I'm still watching Ninninger, it's somewhat entertaining but Kamen Rider Drive had given me more entertainment value than Ninninger. So, that's my freaking opinion and I have no right to get m…

My Lucky Star: A Love Story Of Jewels!

I would remember this TV series called "My Lucky Star" which the main lead was Jimmy Lin (who plays as the prodigal son of EShine's owner named Zhong Tianqi) and Korean actress Yoo Hana (who plays as the jewelry con arist Xia Zhixing) get entangled into a series of mishaps.  This of coruse, wasn't really a comic relief of a show, it was a lighthearted show but not without a tragedy in the middle.  I thought this TV drama was entertaining with how it actually talks about how it explores a rather awkward love story.
Zhixing (also called as Ah Xing) herself had a boyfriend who was a con artist, after she got out of her jail, her boyfriend left her and she meets up with Tianqi.  With the typical rich man and poor girl scenario, I was expecting some loads of tears but it was laced with mostly lighthearted plots.  This of course also involved some reasons why Tianqi left and he's a contrast to his responsible brother Tianjun (Leon Jay Williams) who has a fiance named …

Kamen Rider Drive Is Finally Over... Now Waiting For Kamen Rider Ghost And Post-Series Specials!

Well as said, yesterday concluded Kamen Rider Drive in a very atypical way. So Banno (the big bad) is finished off by his own son Gou, while the Global Freeze is about to happen. A lot of events in the show are pretty atypical which is either a good thing or not especially with how the final episode was written.
After both Kamen Rider Drive and Heart destroy the program that Banno created to cause the Global Freeze, they have their struggle under the rain. Medic is gone, yes, sad to say and so is Chase (but their templates are still alive). Granted, Riku Sanjo wrote Kamen Rider W and a good portion of Kamen Rider Fourze, I felt like a elements were all there. While Chase does not come back to life, we meet the Roidmude that he was based on as the series ended. I thought the whole epilogue also showed how the team would cope up.

My Own Imagination Of What Liu Xuehua Would Say If She Were Daoming Feng in Meteor Garden...

I thought about it what if senior actress Liu Xuehua acted as Daoming Feng in Meteor Garden?  I would feel that while she does have a very strong performance, we might make the bitch more bitchy with Liu Xuehua's acting skills, I also thought of one factor that could happen... she might actually give a lot of praise to the leading cast.

She would probably mention the days where she and Qin Han played an on-screen couple and might actually call Barbie Xu Wang as pretty much her equal, Jerry Yan would probably be praised for his debonair acting, she might compare him to Qin Han.  She might call the F4's work quality as having been done thanks to a lot of cooperation but she might focus on Jerry Yan and Barbie Xu Wang in most of her talk.

I could imagine her say something like, "During the scenes that Jerry and Barbie filmed, I could remember the time me and Qin Han filmed under the pressure of the water machine.  I could see how both of them were determined to do it to the…

Chinese Drama And For The Love Of Romantic Scenes Under The Rain!

When it comes to Chinese drama where it comes from the People's Republic of China, Republic of China (Taiwan) or Hong Kong, I still cannot help but bring up the topic of, "For the love the rain!"  When I'm watching Taiwanese-Chinese drama whether it's contemporary or the older ones, I still find the rain really makes it a lot, even in comedic ones.
My first exposure to the love of the rain was in Meteor Garden, I still couldn't get over that really sad scene of Daoming Si and Shantsai breaking up so she can prevent her friends from being bullied.  Post-Meteor Garden II, the love for rainy scenes just never stops especially when it comes to emotional scenes.  Dolphin Bay was in fact one rainy season, granted, it was a very tearjerking drama and there were lots of scenes under the rain.  For Romance in the Rain, I felt like both the 1986 version and the 2001 version (I haven't seen the 1973 version) somehow glorifies the idea of romantic scenes under the r…

Love At First Fight: It's Chinese Drama That Feels Like A Live Action Comedy Anime Or Manga!

I do enjoy Chinese comedy drama like "Poor Prince" but I think this show beat it in terms of really wacky humor.  Now I'll admit that I got inspired by this post after supposedly watching Abaranger or Kamen Rider Kiva.  Weird?  Funny?  Freaked out?  Be freaked out all you want or criticize my opinion all you want but I think this show, "Love at First Fight" is really a Chinese drama, set in China but in its run, you really just get loads and loads of cartoony humor!  I credit Wallace Huo's improved acting and Miriam Yeung-Ting really knows how to act her part, that's why she's one of my favorites.
I felt like this film parodies a lot of stuff that were either common among Chinese in the past, both the good and the bad.  Whether it's making fun of the stupidity of making it mandatory to have a male heir (which really led to China's gender imbalance in some areas), to Wu Shilang disguising herself as a male when she's female which was rat…

Some Actors And Actresses I Wished Became Part Of Qiong Yao's World!

Whenever I start backtrack watching with Qiong Yao drama and films, nothing has been more absurd with how I tend to actually like Qin Han and Liu Xuehua's pairing even if the former is pretty much, 13 years older than the latter but man, they do have good chemistry!  Provided I've watched modern series more than I did with older ones, I could actually write more about certain actors and actresses I wished were drafted into Qiong Yao's World!

Jerry Yan and Barbie Xu Wang would be the first two.  While I would admit Meteor Garden II can be a pain to watch due to my eyes getting swollen then (insert funny scene) moments then more swollen eye moments, I thought about it that they do have the chemistry of Qin Han and Liu Xuehua at more than one level.  Jerry Yan is debonair in his acting and Barbie Xu Wang is the only actress I felt could cry as beautifully as Liu Xuehua.  I felt it that when I looked at Ting Yuan Shen Shen with Qin Han screaming, "Han Ye!!!!!" under…

That Real Challenge of Me Sitting Through Heartbreaking, Tearjerking Chinese Series!

I remembered an old article that called Meteor Garden as, "Having a plot that's older than your grandmother's dentures." Now I thought of that statement to how it also applies to heartbreaking, tearjerking Chinese series and it's a real challenge to sit through them and battle my emotions.

After watching Meteor Garden, there was Meteor Garden II that was pretty much a tearjerker with badly timed comedy (ex. Shan Tsai's parents) that either piss you off or make you laugh. Meteor Garden II still made me cry to a certain extent especially when Lei reveals all his repressed feelings or Shantsai plays what I call the "Liu Xuehua card" so well, I feel Barbie Xu Wang is the only actress so far I felt could cry as beautifully as Liu Xueha could, a comparison I made only years later after I saw the series. When I think of how Jerry and Barbie were as a couple, I simply thought they were five stars for chemistry.

The second season of Meteor Garden actually fe…

Remembering My Late Paternal Grandma And Chinese Entertainment

I guess even after she's long gone due to her old age, I still can't forget her, can I? Well I would like to recall the time my paternal grandmother would borrow Betamax at a local video store every week by the bundle. I would remember the fond memory of going there to borrow cartoons while she watched Chinese films. Chinese entertainment was something very foreign to me considering that I didn't take interest in the subject back then.

If I can recall my memory correctly, she would be borrowing mostly Wuxia shows. I didn't know who Andy Lau and Idy Chan were back then so I didn't really care. What was funny was that when I first saw Magic Kitchen at the age of 19 then a couple of Andy Lau movies, I was able to recognize Andy Lau's face because I saw him while my my paternal grandma watched those videos. It was that old fashioned TV set, betamax and me not being particularly interested in them but a part of them burned into my mind. I also remembered some of th…

Kamen Rider Agito's Overlords: Prometheus And Epimetheus?

In Kamen Rider Agito, I thought it does also stem from the ancient myths of olden times with the idea of both the Overlords. The Lords were supposedly the holy protectors of humanity along with two Overlords - Light and Darkness. Both twins existed in harmony for a time until it came to the creation of man. In the Greek myths, that would remind me of two titans namely Prometheus and Epimetheus who were twin brothers responsible for the creation of man.
Remembering my Greek mythology class, both twin brothers were in charge with creating man so I wonder if there's anybody above the two Overlords. Based on the tapestry, it seems there is a high god who would be equivalent to Zeus. The name Prometheus means forethought and the name Epimetheus means hindsight or afterthought. Lacking foresight, Epimetheus wasn't able to give anything positive to man while the other animals evolved overtime. Prometheus was depicted as ingenious and clever while Epimetheus was depicted as foolish.

Kamen Rider Drive's Finale May Be Very Unpredictable Except For The Heroes Winning!

While watching Kamen Rider Drive, I am tempted to keep on saying, "Oh boy who will be the final villain?" with some villains dropping like flies.  Nira has been arrested and the actor has left the set and Freeze was destroyed prior to that... now we have Heart, Brain and Medic.  As of late, we have Banno (the father of both Kiriko and Gou), the secret of Krim Steinbelt (a Japanese speaking Wester scientist who looks like... Tony Stark of Marvel Comics) and how the Roidmudes were even created in the first place.  The latest episode features this "goddess" who might be Medic, a girl whom Medic is based from and I am really excited to think where the show is going through,

I have to admit this is another situation where the father is a villain, the son is a hero and the reverse also happens.  I thought it's a tough situation to have your own parent or offspring go against you.  Banno might be the show's final villain based on this episode guide from Orends Ra…

The Unforgettable Character's Song "On The Other Side Of The Water"

Here's the song that was sung in the Qiong Yao drama (and movie) where Qin Han starred as the leading guy.  While his leading lady in the movie was Brigitte Lin, his leading lady in the series was Liu Xuehua.

Below is the lyrics of the song with the original Chinese, pinyin and English translation for non-Chinese speakers.

在水一方 (zai shui yi fang)
On The Other Side Of The Water

綠草蒼蒼 白霧茫茫
(lu cao cang cang, bai wu mang mang)
Deep green grass, endless white fog
有位佳人 在水一方
(you wei jia ren, zai shui yi fang)
A beautiful lady is on the other side of the water
綠草萋萋 白霧迷離
(lu cao qi qi, bai wu mi li)
Green grass thinning out, white fog getting blurry
有位佳人 靠水而居
(you wei jia ren, kao shui er ju)
A beautiful lady lives by the waterside.

What's The Deal With Adapting Japanese Entertainment Into Taiwanese Or Chinese Drama?

Whether you like it or not, not so many stuff we see these days are completely original.  More often than not, I can only say something like, "It's not really a matter of which came first but who did it better and that we acknowledge where we borrow our ideas."  I thought about it that Meteor Garden was very first Chinese series that I watched from start to end.  Only later did I find out that Meteor Garden was actually based on a Japanese Anime and Manga called Hana Yori Dango.

Hana Yori Dango began as an adaptation from scratch, while the script is not entirely original but all the footage has start from scratch starting from the set as a live adaptation of Hana Yori Dango.  The whole story shifts from Japan to Taiwan (Republic of China), Japanese characters were given Chinese names more or less equivalent to their counterparts like Daoming Si is equivalent ti the surname Doumyoji or Shan Tsai is equivalent to the name Tsukushi.

Kamen Rider Decade: Great Concept But... I Think It's Poorly Executed for Most of Its Run!

Kamen Rider Decade (as the name implies) is the TENTH Heisei era series which means it was time for an anniversary season.  It was an interesting concept to have the nine Kamen Rider worlds involved namely Alternate Reality versions of Kuuga, Agito, Ryuki, Faiz, Blade, Hibiki, Kabuto, Den-O and Kiva.  I personally respect Kamen Rider Decade fans and remember, I am writing on my opinion that I find this series to be poorly executed!

The first scene has the original Kiva (Wataru) talking to the hero Tsukasa who must try to save the nine Rider Worlds from colliding unto each other.  On paper, the whole idea was good but a lot of trashy writing really ruined the show.  Now there was a budget for special effects, better acting but writing-wise it's almost as horrid as Saban's Masked Rider.  I personally find this show's Alternate Reality worlds to be horridly done for most of its run especially with how Kamen Rider Agito was treated to be a loser in hiding or Kiva is a child?!…

My List of Chinese Drama Series That Made Me Want To Tear My Heart Off!

I will list some of the Chinese drama I've seen that made me want to tear my heart off. This is just a warning for people who can't stand overly weepy dramas. I may update this list sooner or later. The list here is done chronologically which ones I've watched from start to end.

At the Dolphin Bay

I consider this TV series to be pretty sad and while I didn't cry in Lavender, I really cried in this one. Believe me, I cried buckets at the beginning especially that Tianbian's biological mother in spite of her scandalous relationship (which I think she might have been the ex-girlfriend of Tianbian's father) and later, Tianbian had no idea who she really was nor the fact she was the love child of her father and she has a half-sister and stepmother. I cried at the beginning when it came to her meeting Zerya and how they were separated. Now I did have my biases especially I came to hate Zerya for stupid reasons and I was rooting for Hsiaokang... because in the real lif…

Kamen Rider Drive is Coming To An End, Kamen Rider Ghost Is About To Begin!

I got the news from Orends Range that Kamen Rider Drive's cast now has the show's finale script. Well, I can't wait to see how it will end which we will have our following details from Orends.  Kamen Rider Ghost will end around in September which will be followed by crossover specials. So looking at it, I was wrong that Kamen Rider Drive will end this month or next month.

From JEFusion, here's a sketch of what Kamen Rider Ghost may look like.  Now I am honestly getting a lot of Danny Phantom vibes. So it will premiere on October 4, 2015 which happens to be Halloween month.  In terms of supernatural enemies for the Heisei era we've have Kuuga, Agito, Ryuki, Kiva and Faiz. I feel we may have another Kiva-like show but hopefully it will be a better done horror comedy.
Here's a funny artwork that I found of Danny Phantom and I felt like uploading it (he's wearing the Kiva belt) for laughs. Hehehehehehe! XD

So Kamen Rider Drive Is... Almost Over?

When I started looking at the progress of Kamen Rider Drive (which currently has 37 aired episodes, episode 38 is going to air next week on July 19, 2015), the show looks like it's going to end rather than undergoing a retool. There's a Kamen Rider Drive movie, there's already leakage of Kamen Rider Ghost (no image yet), I am seeing the bad guys drop like flies so what's the deal? Looking at the possible August 2015 premiere date of Kamen Rider Ghost then it looks like Drive is almost over

Some old Japanese Tokusatsu shows in the 80s to the 90s had below 40 episodes. Kamen Rider Amazon only had 24 episodes, Kamen Rider Stronger had 39 episodes, Changerion had 39 episodes and Metalder had 39 episodes. Looking at it, Kamen Rider Drive may only have up to 39 episodes which I wonder why the show is now cut short compared to Kamen Rider Gaim? I think Drive couldn't combat Gaim's popularity or two, executives might have thought it best to cut the series short to 39 …

My On/Off Journey With Watching And Not Watching Kamen Rider!

As a Toku fan, I tend to go backwards to old school and that's how I'm feeling about Super Sentai (that is, I am more interested in watching Super Sentai series from old school than new school).  Back as a child, my very first Kamen Rider was Kamen Rider Black (dubbed as Masked Rider Black) and later, I would see Black RX on some Cable TV channel (Star Chinese I think) to which I didn't really understand what was going on.  Oh, I'd like to forget about Saban's really failed Masked (Mashed) Rider which didn't even click in America.  I couldn't forget the whole Masked Rider/MMPR crossover which came before that awful series started.  Now back to the original versions shall we?

I was sort of the stuck up guy and always said, "Showa's the best!  Showa's the best!"  I remembered how remembered a now extinct site that declared Kamen Rider had died since Kuuga.  So I was just a slave back then, I took that stand and I really was unwilling to mov…

So Mitsuhide Nira Killed Eisuke Tomari? Not All Too Surprising!

After the destruction of Freeze or 001 (the leader of the Roidmudes), there was the dangler that said that who killed Eisuke Tomari? I started to suspect that Mitsuhide Nira was actually the killer. I mean that guy is mean and obnoxious to the core, I wanted to smash the guy's head. So he is always angry with everyone, especially Shinnosuke Tomari, he's power hungry but at the same time he is a coward. So what was all in the past?
Looking at the latest episode of Kamen Rider Drive, Mitsuhide is actually an incompetent cop who was jealous of Eisuke. His reasons for killing Eisuke was based on jealousy... which the Roidmudes actually took advantage of him. It's really a petty reason to kill someone in a fit of jealousy, isn't it? But he did it, he killed his own partner out of jealousy so he could get the spotlight. Right now, he's even experimented on by Brain, Heart and Medic which made me think... it his guy also going to bite the dust soon like 001?
The turning …

Romance In The Rain's Song Called "Unforgettable Past"

One song that was used for both the 1986 version and the 2001 version of "Romance In The Rain" was the song "The Unforgettable Past".  The Mandarin title is "Wang She Nan Wang" which was based on an oldies song called "Long Long Ago" which was written in 1883 by Thomas Haynes Bayley.  The translation of the lyrics is as follows:

Can you remember when we first met in that late March?
The unforgettable past, the unforgettable past
We were leaning against each other in the light breeze and sweet scent of flowers
The unforgettable past, I could not forget

I like the way you sing me those old songs again  
The unforgettable past, the unforgettable past
And it is so sweet of you to tell me those old stories
The unforgettable past, I could not forget

Now that you have come back, I will not be sad anymore
The unforgettable past, the unforgettable past
I will forget how you had left me behind and wandered alone for so long 
The unforgettable past, I could not forge…

I'm Now Watching Kamen Rider WIZARD!!!!!!

I decided to watch Kamen Rider Wizard from start to end where not anyone can learn wizardry... a far cry from most wizardry based shows.  So far, I am rewatching it from episode one though the last episode I saw was 16.  I'm watching the show and so far, it has gotten me more interested in it than ToQGer, note both ToQGer and Wizard are produced by Takaaki Utsunomiya.

Somehow I view Kamen Rider Wizard as the season that before Timmy Turner loses his Fairy Godparents, he ends up wishing, "I WISH I WAS A KAMEN RIDER!" then poof, we got Haruto.  I know it's a forced comparison but I always want to make fun of Haruto as a spin-off of Timmy Turner from Fairly Oddparents... did the guy also have stupid parents and an evil babysitter?  He learns several magic spells without even uttering too many words.

Now I have stupid reasons to watch the show... and one of them is for the cute Erina Nakayama.  IMO even with the cute appearance, the actress herself knows how to carry o…

What If Nomura From Killers Ran Into Makoto Kiryu From Houkago Groove!

While looking at the movie Killers where Rin Takanashi's character Hisae dies off-screen (man I just can't stand deaths like that and her little brother will starve), I just wanted to think of what if Nomura ran into Makoto Kiryu instead. I just thought of it since both characters are played by Rin Takanashi.

Chances are, I think Makoto Kiryu will still die or she will survive depending on circumstances. Note that Hisae is a fragile person while Makoto Kiryu canactually fight. I can imagine how circumstances will be especially if Nomura might actually try to victimize any of her female students into bed for the sake of art. If you look at it, Makoto Kiryu is a tough girl and she became a P.E. teacher who tries to encourage her student (who can't walk) not to give up. What I thought was Nomura may actually view her as a threat instead of being drawn to her but he might not easily think it that way. A genocidal killer might want to make her the latest art of sorts... maybe …

Kamen Rider Drive Is Still Getting More Interesting For Me As Of Late!

While I feel I am losing interest with Ninninger but Kamen Rider Drive is where I usually cope up with what I currently feel about Tokusatsu. While I felt Riku Sanjo wasn't good with Kyoryuger (no thanks to a lousy sexist producer) but for me, he's still fit to write Kamen Rider. Moving on... I think Kamen Rider Drive is really interesting me.

What I find funny is how Tomori's secret is out with the department and well, Chief Jun knew all the time? Wow, I wonder why the Asian culture has a habit of keeping secrets and slowly revealing it? With Tomori himself, I feel like the whole was shocked to discover that Chief Jun was in charge of the whole Drive. Later, the identity of Tomori is exposed though why am I now having the feeling that Tomori might be a Jiban 2.0.?! I'm just guessing but I'm having a feeling Tomori may not be human anymore. Again, it's just me SPECULATING... considering this show has a lighter feel than Jiban.

So there's the question of co…