Dopants vs. Zodiarts: A Comparison

While I had a friendly critique discussion with Fantasy Leader, I would agree that Fourze has W elements in it.  Here's the more intriguing part namely a comparison between Dopants and Zodiarts in areas of similarities:

Unlike the usual monster of the week, they are human civilians who become monsters (being handed over the Switches in W by the Museum and in Fourze by the Horoscopes) who usually survive after the Kamen Rider defeats them.  Switches are handed over to various people who have various reasons why they accepted the Gaia Memory sticks or the Zodiart switches.  The user has the potential to have their judgment clouded, personality altered and the only way to restore them is to defeat them.  When they are defeated, they return back to human form though an abuse of  it can be very fatal.

Both of their kinds have some members who could actually evolve into a higher monster state.  In Fourze, the Zodiarts' evolution is called the Supernova.

There are mysterious old men behind them. While they seem to be gentle old men that I would love to be with, however they were corrupting many youths via their switches for some reason and died a redeemed death in the end.  Ryube wanted to ensure the humans to be one with the Earth to prevent their extinction though he had gone crazy.  Chairman Gamou wanted humanity to be moved to the next level by seeking the "Seekers" who were never revealed who they were in the series via the use of Zodiart switches.

Their links to Foundation X.  W had a closer link to Foundation X than Fourze did though.  I wish Foundation X will be destroyed soon enough to make room for newer villains.


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