Saddest Deaths in Kamen Rider Ryuki

Here are the saddest deaths on Kamen Rider Ryuki:

Shuichi/Zolda- At first I disliked him but eventually he grew to be a better person but the fact he has a disease made me sad.  Why?  He was improving but he was dying at the same time.  In fact in the secondary ending written by Toshiki Inoue, he died at his home.

Miyuki/Raia- I really cried when he died.  All he wanted was to stop the Rider Wars, but he couldn't even get it.  Being bloodily murdered by Takeshi/Ouja made the latter more hateful than he first appeared.  Boy, Ouja's one sick guy with all those cruelty problems.

Mitsuru/Imperer- Though he's pretty much a dumb guy but he's got a good heart.  Too bad he couldn't carry out his father's last wishes in the alternate ending all because Takeshi/Ouja killed him while he was DEFENSELESS.  Ouch.  Hated that!  He does come back to life in the first ending (which was pretty screwed up!) but remains dead in the alternate ending.

Hajime/Alternative- So pretty much sad that he was killed by Satoru/Tiger.

Satoru/Tiger- Although I hated him pretty much but I felt sad when he finally gave his life as a true hero.  Pretty much a template for Mikoto in Abaranger huh?  Maybe.

Shinji/Ryuki- In the primary ending, Shinji died after fighting while he was fatally wounded.  Really sad scene to see Ren cry over him and a bummer ending that everything went back to square one, except a better one for the world since it saved humanity from all the damages and heartaches undone.  But still like the second ending better.

Miho/Femme- I would say it's a pretty sad thing that she was killed by Dark Shinji while she was developing feelings for Shinji.  So she's a con artist but first but she starts to change, only to be killed by Shinji.  I find it sad also because while she did all of us a favor by getting rid of that awesomely cruel villain Takeshi/Ouja she had to die and not get the merits for doing that great deed.  Her death as written by Inoue didn't come so fast like Gai Yuki struggled with his stab wound before dying. =(

Yui what do I have to say?  Neither Kobayashi nor Inoue spared her!  I would say it's pretty sad because for one, she doesn't realize that all the incidents revolve around her as her brother Shiro just wants her to LIVE.  So poor her she was pretty sucked into it.  In either which reality, she dies.  Kobayashi kills her by not making Ren make that wish and Inoue kills her in a more brutal way in the alternate ending.  So either way, she dies and I was sad there was nothing to do that can save her.


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