Disney's Mulan vs. Jingle Ma's Mulan

So I want to do some analysis of the events of Disney's Mulan vs. Jingle Ma's Mulan.  Jingle Ma's version can be described as dark and gritty version of the folklore based on a real person vs. to that of Disney's lighter and softer due to the fact it's for children!

Disney's Mulan vs. Vicki Zhao's Mulan- I would say that while Disney's Mulan was feminine, inexperience and well a heroine in the making, Vicki Zhao's Mulan was more balanced in the sense while she is girly, she can definitely fight with basic martial arts while being way MORE smoking hot as a bonus, but can really break bones if need be.  The way she leaves her father in Jingle Ma's version is via the art of war that is she gets her father drunk, steals his armor and even fools everyone but one day, something that could discover her identity happens then she becomes a well sung hero, people unaware of her gender.  Both of them abandoned their claims to glory to take care of their sick fathers and want to change traditions.

Li Shang vs. Wei Tai- Both of them are pretty different due to rating standards.  Since Wei Tai was the Li Shang for an obviously adult film, he is more serious and he actually discovers Mulan's gender in the most explicit way possible- he saw her nude behind the scenes!  But he doesn't have the prejudice towards women as he keeps Mulan's gender a secret while trying to keep purify himself from the thought of Mulan since he was enamored by her beauty.  He was discovered to be one of the many princes of Wei and was later arranged to marry the heiress of the Rouran Tribe but he might eventually fight for his right to marry Mulan.  Hopefully he will and a more serious but happy ending version of Mulan II can be created even with a different cast!

Shan Yu vs. Men Du- So pretty much, Men Du is way more cruel than his Disney counterpart Shan Yu.  Why is that?  Just at the beginning we see him LITERALLY kill a lot of prisoners just for fun.  His cruelty is so bad, Disney's Frollo doesn't even have that much balls.  So his adoptive father (presumably uncle) adopted him and raised him to be the heir, while he intends to marry his supposed cousin (and foster sister) later.  So how does he get into power?  He kills his less ambitious foster father, intends to marry the heir of the throne to legitimize his claims and he's one sick bastard.  Of course, his death was a one one one encounter against Mulan.  Overall, Men Du's a very badass villain played by a badass actor in Hu Jun who I credit for his role as the protagonist in Demigods and Semidevils.

Fei Xiao Hu was basically the answer to Mushu.  Since Jingle Ma's version removed any supernatural elements and wanted it to look historic, so he was created but he wasn't even funny.  He even had to die.  Really, why him and not Mushu?! =(

The three soldiers were not comical at all in Jingle Ma's version as ALL three of them died, meaning a sequel can't have them!  In fact, one of them saw his beloved uncle die before his eyes, the other two died in battle.  Can it get any worse?!  I mean, like their Disney counterparts they started off as jerks but became Mulan's friends then later they die?  Really, I cried at their deaths. =(  Really, Hu Kui was just starting to get more likable then he dies in battle?  WTF?  Well in battle, you just don't expect happy endings all the time can we?

The Prime Minister- While he was just an annoying person in the Disney film, Jingle Ma's version really went as far as to make him a traitor.  So he doesn't give supplies or back up because he's so much a jerk that eventually got executed.  Serves him right.  Wish that happened in Disney!

Pretty much a sad story.  So will Mulan become Wei Tai's second wife and she has to share him with the Rouran Princess?  Sadly a sequel isn't made but maybe, I can write at Fan Fiction my own ending!


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