So Hojo Emu Has The Game Illness?!

After watching two episodes of Kamen Rider Drives comes what's not too surprising or too surprising for some. This is the revelation that Hojo Emu actually has the Game Illness that was repressed for some time. If I can remember it correctly there was compatibility surgery involved. I think the protagonist having the Game Illness would be an interesting plot for EX-AID's storyline. Will this invoke a deadly disease in Hojo and will it unleash a cool fighting form? That's just one question I'd like to ask and I hope the answer is a yes.

How will Kuroto Dan play his Killer Bored Gemn with Hojo's situation? He seems to be a toned down version of Gozo Kirihara/God Neros from Metalder but that may change soon enough. As a villain, he displays traits of deadly players like Sword Saint Bilgenia from Kamen Rider Black and Dr. Mikoto Nakadai from Abaranger. Kuroto has shown more and more signs of being cruel and calculating towards just everyone. Like the villains I compared him to he had no qualms killing anyone for his own convenience. Hmmm... I wonder is he the new Scott Evil of Kamen Rider? I even want to imagine that we might get a Dr. Evil type of character for his father sooner or later. 

How will the brat Nico Saiba and Taiga react to this event? Taiga and Hojo have some rivalry as of late. I'm still wondering will Nico stay as a regular character or is she meant to be a guest? 

Right now, it's still uncertain how Kamen Rider EX-AID will turn out. These are a lot of storylines that are just waiting to unfold.


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