Full House: Reimagining Beauty And The Beast As A Comedy Series!

There's always some odd looking couples but the emphasis has been more on chemistry than appearance. I think Full House did the same but it unintentionally becomes a parody of Beauty and the Beast. I can't help but call Rain the "beast" not only because of his face but because he's got a huge body build to accompany it. Song Hye Kyo's a petite beauty. I thought about how it becomes a comedy version of Beauty and the Beast.

It's pretty much Belle trying to recover her castle from Beast who bought out of a questionable transaction. Like how in the world could the Beast even, I mean buy Belle's castle so quick? It sounds more like a fairy tale than a real life scenario. This creates a dilemma when Beast forces Belle to marry him. Beast wants to spite a girl he liked so much but discovers he's in love with Belle. Belle just wants her castle back but finds out she's falling for Beast. It's pretty much a reverse of Belle being in Beast's castle so don't expect to hear the song "Be Our Guest".

Is it me or do I have a knack for forced marriages? Though in the case of Full House it's more of a marriage of convenience. Belle agrees to marry Beast because she wants her castle back. Belle later discovered Beast isn't so bad without any teapot telling her. No yelling but just some comedic reaction between the two. There's some comic reaction every now and then that makes you think, "Are these two normal?" It's not your typical love story either.

With how much I'm not liking Disney as of late, I guess it's safe to say you might as well watch "Full House" if you enjoyed Beauty and the Beast for next year.


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