Recalling The Time I Finished Watching The TV Series "Lavender"

I remembered how often I wasn't all that fond of sad stories but Lavender was one TV series that had me hooked for a reason. Was it because the main protagonist Yi Shin (played by Tammy Chen) was really that pretty? Maybe. Was it because even if knew it'd turn out to be a tragedy it was well-written with good character development? Maybe. But I can't really give all the explanations in the world why I even bothered to sit through it. But I guess it's a combination of good and bad reasons why I even bothered to finish watching Lavender.

The time I watched Lavender, I remembered a few tears that I cried watching it but not as much as I had them watching Dolphin Bay. I remembered crying in the starting scene when Yi Shin was frequently bullied and how the leading guy Qing Chuan always stood by her. It's sweet childhood that worked itself to adulthood but it's expected to be met in tragedy. Seeing Yi Shin's older sister die was bad enough, seeing her die in the end leaving the mother alone in the end. I really remembered how the touching love stories got involved, I knew she was going to die and I hated the ending but how development was carried out was still touching.

The story felt like a reminder of cherishing what we truly have. Yi Shin can die anytime, Qing Chuan really remembers he loves her. Even if they can't have that happy ending but Qing Chuan wants to give Yi Shin the quality life before she passes out. I always wanted to sing Teresa Teng's "Wish We Last Forever" watching the whole series. Even if ended in tragedy, Yi Shin still managed to spend some few moments of happiness with the man she loves.


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