Is It Me Or Is Kamen Rider Ghost Not That Good?

I did like some the episodes of Kamen Rider Ghost but I'll admit that I may still have had a hangover from at least two shows namely Kamen Rider Gaim succeeded by Kamen Rider Drive. Gaim was responsible for filling my void when neither Super Sentai nor Power Rangers could fill it that time. Then there was Kamen Rider Drive which IMO drives miles better than Ninninger (which I felt made dead ninjas glad they're dead) and now it's time for Kamen Rider Ghost.

So what's with Ghost? I really felt like maybe I'm not really liking it, it's not good or is soft spot for Kamen Rider Kiva causing it? While I was excited for yet another what could be a "Danny Phantom" like season but unlike Kiva, I don't feel too excited for Ghost even if it is kind of entertaining. Although I watched Kiva much later in my life but I'll admit, I found myself entertained even by Kiva's first 20+ episodes even if I hear some criticisms.

I feel like I might be expecting too much from the show. When I first read the synopsis, I could only think of Yu Yu Hakusho and expecting it to be as epic as the latter. Considering the direction that Heisei Kamen Rider took at times with like Kamen Rider Wizard or Kamen Rider Decade, I should still expect there would be another bad season for Kamen Rider. As of late, there seems to be some brewing political plots in Ganma World that may make me want to stay.

On the other hand, while I was more excited about Drive than Ninninger but as soon as Ninninger ended and Zyuohger began, I felt different. I felt like maybe Zyuohger would be a better trip this time round over Ghost. Ghost has also helped me cope up with what I didn't like about Ninninger. But now I wonder how I really feel about Ghost as of late.


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