My First Impression On Kamen Rider Ghost!

Well here's my first impression of Kamen Rider Ghost.  Now for a note, the images for Kamen Rider Ghost are taken from Henshin Grid.

Kamen Rider Ghost as the title gives it away, well, shows that Takeru Tenkuji has been dead and he has 99 days left to get the other 14 Eye Cons to come back to life. So he really died and he's given temporary life. It gives me the impression of...

Yu Yu Hakusho Wallpaper
Image taken from JEFusion...

The classic Anime called Yuu Yuu Hakusho. Boy, what a coincidence considering that as a child, I used to watch Yu Yu Hakusho (dubbed as Ghost Fighter) in IBC-13 while Maskman aired. Yup back then, I only knew Red Mask as Michael Joe, at the age of 15, I'd know him by his real name... TAKERU! If you remember the first episode, Yuusuke dies and he must pass through a series of trials to be brought to life and...

Well some character known as Sage chooses him and this almost looks like a hybrid of Botan and Koenma. Like Botan, he warns Takeru that he only has 99 days left to grab the other 14 power-ups to be truly restored to life. 

I'll admit the first episode has its own charm. It may not be as good as Kamen Rider Drive but its similarities to Yuu Yuu Hakusho make me want to watch more of it. 


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