My Own Imagination Of What Liu Xuehua Would Say If Were Daoming Feng in Meteor Garden...

I thought about it what if senior actress Liu Xuehua acted as Daoming Feng in Meteor Garden?  I would feel that while she does have a very strong performance, we might make the bitch more bitchy with Liu Xuehua's acting skills, I also thought of one factor that could happen... she might actually give a lot of praise to the leading cast.

She would probably mention the days where she and Qin Han played an on-screen couple and might actually call Barbie Xu Wang as pretty much her equal, Jerry Yan would probably be praised for his debonair acting, she might compare him to Qin Han.  She might call the F4's work quality as having been done thanks to a lot of cooperation but she might focus on Jerry Yan and Barbie Xu Wang in most of her talk.

I could imagine her say something like, "During the scenes that Jerry and Barbie filmed, I could remember the time me and Qin Han filmed under the pressure of the water machine.  I could see how both of them were determined to do it to the best of their capacity.  It would remind me of Romance in the Rain, yes, they would have made a better Shuhuan and Yiping, maybe better than my performance (laughs).  When I'm facing Barbie, I'd say she really carries Yiping's ferocity when she acts as the wild grass Shantsai, I might consider that when I was Daoming Feng, I was pretty much fighting my older characters when I am the villain.  It's in fact something to go from being the leading protagonist for so long then I decide to take the challenge of this role.  I am glad Jerry and Barbie have managed to pull off such great on-screen work."

For Meteor Garden II, I think she might say, "When I think about having a second season and I am there for a longer period of time, I really think the villain Daoming Feng's potential was fully used and I am now playing the evil mother-in-law role in some way.  I can view Barbie herself playing the bloodied Yiping - the porcupine who plucked all her spines.  Meteor Garden II for me would feel more like a Qiong Yao series than it would be, Meteor Garden.  I still thought of how Jerry himself as an on-screen son would have done his part so well.  I think the second story drags but I was used to playing dragging series written by Qiong Yao.  Romance in the Rain had at least 40 episodes, Meteor Garden II is mercifully shorter."


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