Kamen Rider Drive's Finale May Be Very Unpredictable Except For The Heroes Winning!

While watching Kamen Rider Drive, I am tempted to keep on saying, "Oh boy who will be the final villain?" with some villains dropping like flies.  Nira has been arrested and the actor has left the set and Freeze was destroyed prior to that... now we have Heart, Brain and Medic.  As of late, we have Banno (the father of both Kiriko and Gou), the secret of Krim Steinbelt (a Japanese speaking Wester scientist who looks like... Tony Stark of Marvel Comics) and how the Roidmudes were even created in the first place.  The latest episode features this "goddess" who might be Medic, a girl whom Medic is based from and I am really excited to think where the show is going through,

I have to admit this is another situation where the father is a villain, the son is a hero and the reverse also happens.  I thought it's a tough situation to have your own parent or offspring go against you.  Banno might be the show's final villain based on this episode guide from Orends Range.  If there's anything I want to think, I wonder if Banno still has some humanity remaining in him?  If Kamen Rider Drive will end around September then I'll just have to wait for next month and the finale to see how things will end.

When I think about police shows, I am just reminded how at times you have the son of the police officer as the main antagonist (New Police Story starring Jackie Chan) or at times, one police officer must deal with the fact his father is working for the antagonist or is the antagonist.  I really love the fact I can't predict how things will end... except that the good guys win.


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