So Kamen Rider Drive Is... Almost Over?

When I started looking at the progress of Kamen Rider Drive (which currently has 37 aired episodes, episode 38 is going to air next week on July 19, 2015), the show looks like it's going to end rather than undergoing a retool.  There's a Kamen Rider Drive movie, there's already leakage of Kamen Rider Ghost (no image yet), I am seeing the bad guys drop like flies so what's the deal?  Looking at the possible August 2015 premiere date of Kamen Rider Ghost then it looks like Drive is almost over

Some old Japanese Tokusatsu shows in the 80s to the 90s had below 40 episodes.  Kamen Rider Amazon only had 24 episodes, Kamen Rider Stronger had 39 episodes, Changerion had 39 episodes and Metalder had 39 episodes.  Looking at it, Kamen Rider Drive may only have up to 39 episodes which I wonder why the show is now cut short compared to Kamen Rider Gaim?  I think Drive couldn't combat Gaim's popularity or two, executives might have thought it best to cut the series short to 39 episodes and it may end on July 26, 2015 or August 2, 2015.  However the show is really reaching a lot of its climax like revealing Nira's not so surprising murder or how the Roidmude higher ups are dropping off like flies.

Looks like it's time to watch the finale!!!! =)


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