So Mitsuhide Nira Killed Eisuke Tomari? Not All Too Surprising!

After the destruction of Freeze or 001 (the leader of the Roidmudes), there was the dangler that said that who killed Eisuke Tomari?  I started to suspect that Mitsuhide Nira was actually the killer.  I mean that guy is mean and obnoxious to the core, I wanted to smash the guy's head.  So he is always angry with everyone, especially Shinnosuke Tomari, he's power hungry but at the same time he is a coward.  So what was all in the past?

Looking at the latest episode of Kamen Rider Drive, Mitsuhide is actually an incompetent cop who was jealous of Eisuke.  His reasons for killing Eisuke was based on jealousy... which the Roidmudes actually took advantage of him.  It's really a petty reason to kill someone in a fit of jealousy, isn't it?  But he did it, he killed his own partner out of jealousy so he could get the spotlight.  Right now, he's even experimented on by Brain, Heart and Medic which made me think... it his guy also going to bite the dust soon like 001?

The turning points of Kamen Rider Drive are really getting to think that while I'm not so sure of who leads the Roidmudes now (Brain is the de-facto leader) but it's not too surprising to have Eisuke's murderer be Mitsuhide of all people.  As a sucker for cop drama, plot twists like that aren't all to surprising especially when it comes to murdering someone for petty reasons and how being power hungry will only corrupt one's mind.


  1. You know, I can't help but compare Nira and the Roimudes to Failipono politicians.


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