How a Jerry Yan x Tammy Chen Pairing Could Have Turned Out

I remembered the time I watched Lavender which starred Tammy Chen.  While Tammy Chen (who's getting married this year to a plastic surgeon named Xue Boren), I did think about Jerry Yan and Tammy Chen were rumored to get paired.  So I'd like to share my thoughts if this could have worked out.

My impression on Tammy Chen is that she's pretty and adorable but she's not that good with her acting.  In Lavender, she is easily overshadowed by Penny Lin who can freaking act.  I mean, Penny Lin looks mean but she can freaking act.  No matter what role she is in whether it was Dolphin Bay or my favorite role of hers as Fei Yang in 100% Senorita, I couldn't help but clap to her performance.  Tammy Chen is pretty bland for some of her episodes.

So Jerry Yan can act but the effect will just be like in "Loving Never Forgetting" that is Jerry Yan will overshadow his leading lady.  While Jerry Yan and Barbie Xu had a chemistry because both of them can act like Qin Han and Liu Xuehua, Tammy Chen doesn't possess that much of a charm.  When she was paired with Ambrose Xu (at least twice I can remember), Ambrose Xu overshadows her way too much.  The only positive side Tammy Chen has is... she doesn't overact and that she tries her best to act.  But she's not that much of leading lady material.

Meanwhile, I wish that a Jerry Yan x Esther Liu pairing will happen.


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