Wishful Thinking: Hot Shot Edition!

While watching Hot Shot and backtracking to some old Chinese films which I'm very out of the blue with... I just thought here's my wishful thinking to who should have played Jerry Yan's father in Hot Shot or better yet, as his parents.

My first wishful thinking was casting Qin Han as Jerry Yan's father Dong Fang Xu.  Both of them kind of look like they could play as a father/son team.  Seeing Qin Han as an old man dribbling a basketball made me think could have played as Jerry Yan's father better than Allen Chao.

Seeing Liu Xuehua is a very active veteran actress playing motherly roles, I would really have wanted if both Qin Han and Liu Xuehua acted as Jerry Yan's screen parents in Hot Shot.  I mean, they were a classic on-screen couple and I don't see anything wrong if they should be paired again as parents of Jerry Yan.  If they acted as a lovey-dovey couple, I don't see why they can't act as on-screen parents to your main character.


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