Just Finished With Mischievous Kiss and Still Watching Gaim

SO I've finished with Mischievous Kiss and I would say that maybe, I should also watch the Taiwanese version to a comparison.  I might be biased but most of the Taiwan cast members usually do their best in acting.  And now for more...

I'm now in chapter 22 of Gaim which things get interesting.  So I'm in a snail pace right now and I am hoping to get my reserach done and over.  It's getting pretty interesting in spite of its rather silly fruit motif.  Takebe has weird ideas, Gen Urobuchi managed to save the day!  I just wonder how the conflict between Yggdrasil and Gaim will end?  Gaim had a delay of broadcast thanks to golf but yeah, I know it will be worth the wait!


  1. I do hope they get Urobutcher to write for Sentai next time.


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