Watching Mischievous Kiss at Snail Pace...

So this is the first version of Mischievous Kiss I've seen... I haven't seen the Korean or the Taiwanese version.  I'm usually more inclined to watch the Taiwanese version tha the Japanese version.  Now my thoughts on this version and I'm ten episodes so far.

So Yuki Yamada and Miki Honoka are former Toku actors.  Yuki Yamada was Joe Gibken in Gokaiger and Miki Honoka was Mezool in Kamen Rider OOO.  So okay, I better be careful not to go pedo mode over Miki Honoka... and we have Yuki Furukawa who has not been in Toku.

Another familiar face is Kanna Mori from Kamen Rider Decade.  I'm not all that surprised considering after playing the role of Kotaro Minami, the actor Tetsuo Kurata played in J-Drama with Megumi Mori as sidekicks in Hey Brother (which I haven't seen).

So my thoughts this is a pretty silly story since I was thinking, Miki Honoka compared to Ariel Lin as the leading lady, is underaged.  And I was thinking that the story itself is more on the light side.  Bad luck, bad luck, falling in love and I was thinking how will things work out?  I know it's predictable they end up together but how is what's keeping me thrilled.

On the other hand, I'm still thinking of how Filipino fans will react to learn that Yuki Yamada played in Sentai.  For me, it doesn't really matter to most Filipino fans who might usually prefer J-Drama over Tokusatsu.


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