Black and White's Complex Plots

Black and White is not just a standard police series.  I would even say that the first series of Vic Chou to take him to new heights, is more or less which is all revolving around the anti-hero Chen Zai Tian and his partner, the more honorable Wu Ying Xiong (who is also a douche at times)... which tries to connect these...

Chen Zai Tian's identity was a mystery.  So he was supposedly adopted by the mafia leader of San Lian Hui, where he got an identity change.  As the anti-hero, he has one mysterious past which goes to "Well he is... then he isn't..." which actually, his true parentage was never fully covered (weak point).  Then the mysteries move to Wu Ying Xiong, whose shady past is revealed as the series progresses forward.

Another of my favorite mysteries in the series is... who is the real main antagonist?  The whole mystery between the Sarkozy and the San Lian Hui is something.  And for one, where in the world did Sarkozy get all that resources?  Who's the infiltrator?  In fact, it got satisfying to see how htey all unwrapped themselves towards the finale, figuring out somebody in power was behind the whole operation.  I mean not having an obvious plot was why I love this series so much.


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