Things in Common Between Meteor Garden and Romance in the Rain

With the surging back of Meteor Garden back (but really, please get other shows already), I was also thinking of the rather coincidental events in Meteor Garden that happened in Romance in the Rain or at least, similar plot elements.  Here they are:

When Yiping wants to get away from Shuhuan, he grabs her, carries her as she's kicking and screaming, and pins her to a fence.  What a charming boyfriend.
Dao Ming Si and Shantsai to 1986 version of Shuhuan and Yiping- I can talk about the actors Jerry Yan and Qin Han with their leading ladies Barbie Xu and Liu Xuehua.  In both stories, the relationships are POINTLESS.  I mean, pointless.  I mean, whenever the leading ladies try to get away from their leading guys, the leading guys can go as far as to pinning the leading lady to a fence or it's very kiss/slap/kiss relationship.  I mean, I even felt like Shantsai should have broken up with Dao Ming Si already and same for Yiping and Shuhuan.  And Shantsai like Yiping was out there fore revenge at first and in order to love a certain man, plucks their spines away and are left defenseless.  Shantsai during Meteor Garden II was basically a porcupine without spines compared to Meteor Garden I.

Female antagonists- Although Dao Ming Feng plays differently than Wang Xueqin, the latter being so far as to even get physically abusive but both shows had a female antagonist.  Zhen Xiuzhen and Wang Lin are pretty good at acting the bitches.  For Zhen Xiu Zhen, I guess she must really praise Barbie Xu's acting one way or another.

Both Shantsai and Yiping have friends who end up dating playboys who change for the better.  Fangyu had Erhao, who is Yiping's paternal half brother and Xiaoyou had Ximen, who is Dao Ming Si's friend.  Though played differently, both Shantsai and Yiping initially disapproved of their friend's boyfriends.

That's all I can think.


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