Series Review: Houkago Groove

Well here's Rin Takanashi's first lead role and here she is the P.E. teacher Makoto Kiryu.  So she starts off as a delinquent but changes for the better which for me, I really prefer her playing the badass bitch role rather than the flirty bitch at times.  Hmmm while I thought either Nao Nagasawa or Ayumi Kinoshita may have played the role better but hey, let's give Rin a chance shall we?  While she's no Oscar trophy winner or anything but she does pull off the job.

So as a P.E. teacher for the whole ten episode J-Drama, I thought the drama itself the student life which reminds me of Gokusen (which I haven't watched the second and third seasons).  She becomes a teacher with the focus of these newbies namely Kiyoharu, Itcho, Minoru, Kotaro (who's pretty short for his age), Chinatsu (who loses her ability to walk), Emi and Aoi who are usually overshadowed by Chinatsu.  Chinatsu herself as a character is interesting considering she lost her ability to walk and Makoto is trying to encourage her to push forward despite the tragedy.

So good thing the whole has a hard time teaching dance isn't exaggerated nor are the comedy moments excessive.  In short, it had a perfect balance but it could have used a little more episodes.  Of course, the whole trial of Makoto to teach to dance is overcome.  I guess it's more psychological than having no ability to dance well (which is my case).  In the end, Chinatsu manages to move forward her tragedy thanks Makot.

My rating?  7.5/10.  Though it's not really the best but it's not bad either.  But I'm giving it a fair score considering I'm a fan of Rin Takanashi.


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