Movie Review: Like Someone in Love

So this is really one film I watched for Rin Takanashi but overall, it's pretty bizarre and just didn't get my interest.  The role of Rin here is the hot high end prostitute Akiko who is dating Noriaki.  Really, I just thought the morals here are pretty loose.  So Akiko gets sent to be a client to an elderly guy named Takashi a much older professor who is more interested in making dinner than intimacy (phew) but still, disgusting considering the age gap.

This results to a series of complication which makes me think about the real condition of people here.  For Akiko why does she choose to be a prostitute than choose any other job?  Does she have any budgeting problems?  I guess the whole film does highlight the degeneracy issue of just anybody, no race involved.  I would say that even as a fan of Rin Takanashi, I didn't like her taking that role!

For Noriaki, it really is something that he doesn't know he's dating a prostitute and he later discovers that.  If I were him, I'd go outraged over that.  Of course, I'd hate to think if I were dating a prostitute.  This of course results to a rather complex incident.  So really hasn't Takashi seen he's too old for her?  I don't care really how it has many favorable reviews, I'm not one of them.

Rating? 3/10 stars. =P


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