Looking at Dolphin Bay's Main Love Triangle: Xerya vs. Xiaogang

Well it's not really time for me to discuss about this or is it?  I just felt seeing me and my best friend over a girl who he won.  So where does this love triangle begin?

Xerya's well he's an unknown orphan who has no relation to the Hsu family believing himself to be the bastard son of the family.  In the past, he met Tian Bian at the St. Teresa' Orphanage where the two started a childhood friendship.  Tian Bian was the bastard child of the Hsu family's patriarch which disgraced the whole family.  Xerya kept searching for her from childhood.  Looking at it, they have known each other since childhood and Xerya well, is a better character than the other guy Xiaogang.

On the other hand we have the Hsiaogang/Tianbian pairing.  So while Xerya is engaged to his adoptive sister Shanni but the real suspense was to who gets the girl. If you think of Xiaogang he's pretty crude and rude (he is a picture of me in a way) and Tianbian is meek and quiet.  Yet in Xiaogang's rough character there was also the gentle side of him.  But Xiaogang is bad choice when you think that he was once dating Mandy then he easily dumps her, he tries to go for Tianbian and well just makes you think, was he just playing around with her?  Then he gets serious with her but why?  I just thought he's not really the better choice for Tianbian considering his bad boy attitude.


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