Kamen Rider Kiva and Its Throwbacks to Its Kamen Rider Predecessors

After doing one on Kamen Rider OOO, here's one for Kamen Rider Kiva which is for me Toshiki Inoue's hit or miss work.  Now he has placed some Jetman elements like Rook's amnesia but let's focus on Kamen Rider shall we?

Like Kamen Rider Den-O, Kamen Rider Kiva also had monster allies he could use to aid him in battle.  Den-O had the good Imagins, Kiva had his three monster allies who can become his power-ups.

The rivalry between Wataru and Vlad as competitors for the throne as Fangire King is a watered down version of Kamen Rider Black vs. Shadow Moon.

Nago Keisuki
In the case of Keisuke Nago, he is pretty much trying to parody them douchebag protagonists in the past... namely he was really shifting between becoming a Masato 2.0 or a Renn 2.0.  I would say I liked him on the second half but the first half was kind of unbearable.  Not surprised at him being a Renn 2.0 at times considering Toshiki Inoue was the co-writer of Kamen Rider Ryuki.

The Fangires were well pretty much similar to the Grongi being human haters and hunting prey (plus Rook was playing a hunting game like the Grongi) except they were lighter and softer.  Then again, most Kamen Rider battles seem to be an issue of racist enemies like the Grongi in Kuuga and the Worms in Kabuto to name a few.


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