Wishful Thinking: People I Wish Qin Han Will Work With in Contemporary Chinese Drama

Well no doubt sometimes senior actor Qin Han still appears at times to play as an important parent.  Now here are the possible people I wish he will work with.

I think he and Vic Chou would work together in contemporary Chinese drama.  I mean, Vic Chou is probably close to establishing himself close to Qin Han's ranks in the 80s with having projects per year and having various chemistry.  Personally I think Qin Han should play as his father in any project they could be together.

The other person would be Jerry Yan who could act as his son, seeing the two seem to have facial similarities.  Possible partners for him here might be Liu Xue Hua or Zhen Xiu Zhen to play as his wife and Jerry as his son.

Penny Lin could play as his daughter if Brigitte Lin would play as the mother.

Liu Yi Fei could play as his daughter with either Brigitte Lin or Liu Xue Hua playing as her mother.


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