Qiong Yao Dramas that Might Deserve a Remake

I think some Qiong Yao dramas deserve a remake.  Here they are:

The story of Yang Shuo Chong Lou which speaks of the tragedy of Meng Han who is married to a bum from the Ceng family.  The son dies and however, Meng Han is under the authority of her wicked mother-in-law and suddenly she falls for her brother-in-law Yu Hang.  I think the remake might do well with Vic Chou and Liu Yi Fei as the love team.  For the mother-in-law?  I think Zhen Xiu Zhen or Linda Liu could do the job.

Another would be the classic Seagull's Home.  My choice would be a Jerry Yan/Liu Yi Fei tandem.  I would actually try to get old actors back like Qin Han maybe to play as Jerry Yan's father, Liu Xue Hua as Jerry Yan's mother and Brigitte Lin as Liu Yi Fei's mother.

Courtyard Deeply or Ting Yan Shen Shen might be another one in the list.  I think Qin Han's part could be better played by Jerry Yan than by Vic Chou, but Vic Chou could still play the part of the blind guy looking for his lost love.

Across the Water would be nice.  I think Jerry Yan could be paired with either Liu Yi Fei, Esther Liu or Penny Lin could play the part.  For me Penny Lin if we want Brigitte Lin nostalgia or Liu Yi Fei if we want Liu Xue Hua nostalgia.


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